Scenes of caution, cleanup and everyday life played out amid a backdrop of catastrophe and new concerns on Friday, a day after a major 7.4 magnitude aftershock struck northeastern Japan following a 9.0 quake in March.

One of the biggest concerns took place at a nuclear plant at Onagawa, Japan where radioactive water leaked into the ocean, although radiation levels outside the plant were unchanged, according to operator Tohoku Electric Power co.

The plant is located northeast of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which is currently experiencing crisis as workers attempt to keep reactors from melting down.

The inland city of Oshu in Iwate Prefecture, showed people attempting to carry go about their daily activities within the context of the earthquake.

At one hotel northeaster Japan, cooks worked with flashlights to prepare food for customers amid a blackout following the new quake.

In another scene, a brewery owner checks on his equipment and brewing infrastructure for damage.

People at an evacuation center in the hard hit city of Kesennuma dealt with the aftershock much as they have in previous days, going about their daily activities.

Children were seen playing, people checked information boards for new developments, and others rested.

Meanwhile residents lined up at a supermarket to obtain supplies.