A powerful typhoon made landfall in Japan on Sunday killing two people and injuring dozens as the region was hit with fierce winds and torrential rain. Typhoon Trami also caused travel disruption, with bullet train services suspended and more than 1,000 flights being canceled.

More than 750,000 people in the world's third-biggest economy were left without electricity due to Typhoon Trami, which hit Japan near the western city of Osaka, with gusts of up to 134 miles per hour. 

One of the people killed was engulfed by a landslide in western Japan's Tottori. The other fatality drowned in high waters in Yamanashi, west of Tokyo.

Videos posted on social media show winds and rain from the typhoon sweeping through towns and uprooting trees. Tropical Storm Risk rated the typhoon category 1 as of Sunday. 

Bullet trains and rail lines from western Japan to Tokyo were shut down as a precaution on Sunday but were up and running again Monday morning.

The latest typhoon comes less than a month after the country's strongest storm in 25 years hit western Japan. Typhoon Jebi caused widespread flooding and killed at least 11 people in early September. More than a million homes were left without power and over 300 homes were destroyed.

Kansai International Airport in Osaka, western Japan, which was heavily flooded by Typhoon Jebi, said Sunday it closed its runways. On Monday, the airport said a further 200 flights were canceled.

"I came to Osaka from Fukuoka to for a seminar. I can't go back now due to the typhoon. I plan to stay in Osaka today and go back tomorrow morning," one Japanese traveler said, according to Australia's ABC news.

typhoon trami A video grab shows heavy rain and wind caused by Typhoon Trami in Okinawa, Japan, Sept. 29, 2018. Photo: Reuters/@Kazu.Ktomsm Instagram