Japanese are known world over for their innovations in the field of electronics. Well this time, they have done it again, in a more innovative way.

To give some respite to the citizens from the blazing and humid summer that Tokyo faces, Japan now has air-conditioned shoes.

The shoes are hydro-tech. They give a sharp look and also keep one's feet airy.

Advertised with the slogan "My energy saving starts from my feet!" the shoes are doing good in the show market in Tokyo.

The shoes don't have a mini air conditioner integrated inside, but rather rely on a new filter technology that releases heat and humidity and allows air to flow, for your feet to feel refreshed and clean, reports mobilemag.com.

The shoes are known as the Cool Breeze shoes and are created to keep the feet dry all day long.

The shoes were launched as a part of the Super Cool Biz campaign launched by Japan's Ministry of Environment in June, aiming at reducing power consumption in natural ways.

It does not have an air conditioner running per se, but rather, will rely on new filter technology which releases heat and humidity inside while ensuring air flows inwards to keep feet feeling "refreshed and clean", a ubergizmo report said.