Japanese toilet company Toto Ltd. (Tokyo: 5332) debuted its one of a kind poop-powered, three-wheeled motorcycle, christened Toilet Bike Neo, this week by sending it on a tour around the country.

Toilet Bike Neo, or as we like the call it, the poop-mobile, is powered by biogas fuel, which Toto says is a combination of fertilized, purified livestock waste and gray-water. While the Toilet Bike Neo does prominently feature a comode which the driver rides upon, Toto was careful to note that the driver does not actually provide the fuel for the trike, rather, the excrement soup is provided by the livestock of Shikai-oi township in Hokkaido. Each tank of excrement can take the Toilet Bike Neo up to 180 miles, according to AFP.

Toto does not currently plan to sell the Toilet Bike Neo. The company made the doo-driven vehicle as a way of showcasing the company's "environmental efforts." Either way, the rolling poop-mobile has been a huge hit in Japan and has even spawned a fan video on YouTube of a singing toilet. The Toilet Bike Neo has been on a roadtrip around the country, and it seems that many people have wanted a ride on the passing turd-ster.

Toto documented the passing of the poop-powered motorcycle with exceptional thoroughness and provided photos of the the Toilet Bike Neos adventures along the way with a surprisingly engaging and witty blog. For instance, here's the beginning of the blog post for what the Toto website lists as November 1 (it seems the Toto blog's dates and the debut dates provided by AFP are more than a year apart, but no matter).

"Good evening, everyone. It's Neoyama, the staff. When I woke up in the morning, an unknown man was sitting on Neo. This is not good. My instinct was telling me that.

Starting Neo, everyone was freaking out, and noone was able to ask him
who he was, and what he wanted from us.

What shall we do?

I, Neoyama, decided to talk to him.

I am really not courageous at all.
I was probably freaking out the most among everyone.
I was so scared that I was about to pee in my pants.
Thank goodness I had used the 4.8L Neo Rest bathroom earlier.

'Uhm h-h-h-h-h-hi...'

Then he answered,

'It's Captain?Zako. I will be the rider starting today.'"

The little doo-driven vehicle is only the latest stunt from Japan's preeminent toilet manufacturer. Toto has a yearly tradition of printing special roles of toilet paper with fans toilet-themed poems on them.

Check out pictures from some of the poop-powered Toilet Bike Neo's adventures around Japan.