Jeff Gutt auditioned for “X Factor” in 2012, but last time he didn’t make it to the top 40. The 37-year-old said on Thursday night’s show that his time was running out to make it in the music business, but 2013 turned out to be his lucky year so far -- the Michigan singer was one of the 10 constants to be accepted into the “Over 25” group.

"I don't know how many last chances you get in life, but this is the second one for me, so it’s do or die,” Gutt said on “The X Factor.”


Even better news, the father-of-one will reportedly make it to the top 16, Idol Forums wrote. The rest of the top 16 who will perform on the rest of the show have been posted at the bottom.

For Gutt’s first appearance, he sang “Hallelujah,” and won praise from the judges. But the second time, Gutt chose Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing,” and disappointed Simon Cowell. The “X Factor” host gave Gutt another chance, and had him sing another choice. This time, his rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” reminded the judges of the raspy singer they fell in love with last time.

"I am honored to have you back. You are the one that got away last year. You’re not getting away this year,” Cowell said.

Check out the rest of the supposed top 16 below:

Boys (Paulina Rubio)

2) Carlos Guevara (Boys)

4) Tim Olstad (Boys)

1) Carlito Olivero (Boys)

3) Josh Levi (Boys) (INTO LIVESHOWS. Massive standout)

Girls (Demi Lovato)

2) Ellona Rano Santiago (Girls)

4) Rion Paige Thompson (Girls)

1) Danielle Geimer (Girls)

3) Khaya Cohen (Girls)

Groups (Simon Cowell)

1) Alex & Sierra (Groups)

3) RoXxy Montana (Groups)

2) Manufactured Country Boyband called "Restless Road" (Andrew Scholz (put into Groups), Colton Pack (put into Groups) and Zach Beeken (put into Groups)

4) Manufactured Girl Group called "Sweet Suspense" (Celine Polenghi (Put into Groups), Millie Thrasher (Put into Groups), and Summer Reign (Put into Groups)

Overs (Kelly Rowland)

2) Jeffrey Adam Gutt (Overs)

1) James Kenney (Overs)

4) Rachel Potter (Overs)

3) Lillie McCloud (Overs)