Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin Reuters

Jeremy Lin continues to grab the sports world's attention, and in a big way.

He's been unbelievable since coming onto the scene, and added another chapter to his amazing story with a game-winning shot in Toronto on Tuesday.

The biggest surprise of 2012 is leading many people to draw comparisons to the biggest one of 2011-Tim Tebow.

The two athletes have a lot in common, but the comparisons only go so far.

Jeremy Lin is no Tim Tebow.

Lin is the best story the NBA has seen in years. Nobody gave him a chance coming out of college. Lin went undrafted after being an unknown player from a small basketball school.

Tebow graduated from Florida, a breeding ground for NFL stars. Lin comes from Harvard, where it's more likely for a student to eventually become President of the United States than an NBA player.

In his four years as a Gator, Tebow became one of the best college athletes of all time. Even before he turned pro, most sports fans knew who Tebow was. His popularity started before he got to the NFL.

While expectations may not have been high for Tebow from a lot of analysts, the quarterback was drafted in the first round. It's hard to call anyone a surprise when they're one of the top players in the NFL draft.

Fans were clamoring for Tebow to be the starting quarterback when he was backing up Kyle Orton. Many Knicks fans didn't even know who Lin was until the Linsanity began.

Lin came out of nowhere to be one of the best players in the league. He may not continue his level of play, but over the past six games, it's hard to find a better NBA player than Jeremy Lin.

During the Broncos six game winning streak, Tebow was helping his team win, but certainly wasn't one of the best players in the NFL. The Knicks point guard is putting up historic stats. His 130 points in his first five starts is the most of any player since the NBA-ABA merger.

Tebow is known as a winner who doesn't put up big numbers. Lin is helping his team win and is putting up impressive stats at the same time. He's averaging 26.8 points and 8.5 assists per game since he first got extended playing time.

Tebow led his team on multiple game winning drives, but wasn't the only reason Denver turned their season around. The quarterback was aided by one of the league's best defenses and a good rushing attack.

Lin is unquestionably the biggest reason for the Knicks turn around. He has led New York in scoring in five of their last six games. Without him, New York's season would be heading in the wrong direction and Mike D'Antoni might be out of a job.

Tebow was destined to a star when he first entered the NFL. His popularity in college assured that he would be beloved if he had any success at the pro level.

Lin has overcome tremendous odds to become the biggest thing in the NBA.

When asked about the Broncos quarterback, Lin said he's not afraid to say he's a fan of Tim Tebow.

After what the Knicks point guard has done, people should be asking Tebow if he's a fan of Jeremy Lin.