• Fans are pushing for NBA teams to sign Jeremy Lin
  • Lin has chances to suit up before May as multiple teams have an open roster spot
  • Lin will have to settle for a bench role that may only last until the current NBA season

Jeremy Lin continues to wait for an NBA offer and he has until May 16 to get one.

The 32-year-old guard is eligible to join any team before the regular season end, and so far, no club has come forward. However, he may have gotten some boost with fans of the Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors pushing for his inclusion.

A key thing to watch here is that there are NBA teams who have open roster spots. Aside from the Warriors, there are the Nets, Miami Heat and the Washington Wizards.

So right now, all Lin can do is sit and wait. But even if he does get signed up, it may be nothing more than a rental–meaning “Linsanity” is likely to end up back to square one after the 2020-21 NBA wars.

With limited options and the thought of fulfilling that NBA dream, Lin is likely to grab that chance and worry about what is next from there.

Recall that the undrafted player from the 2010 NBA draft had that chance to play in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) but opted to pursue his NBA dream instead despite the difficult obstacles ahead.

Lin is coming off an impressive stint with the Santa Cruz Warriors in the G-League. He averaged 19.8 points and 6.4 assists.

But a cause for concern that most saw was that his injuries remain a hindrance. He missed a couple of games, and the last thing that playoff-bound teams would want is to take in a player who holds questions in terms of durability.

Jeremy Lin #7 of Beijing Ducks
Jeremy Lin #7 of Beijing Ducks Getty Images | Fred Lee

The Warriors could use someone like Lin right now, but a roadblock looms. The Dubs’ tax situation makes him an expensive option, something that may put a damper on seeing him join the Warriors.

Hence, Lin could potentially end up with another team instead. Aside from the Nets, Heat and the Wizards, other clubs who have a spot open include the Toronto Raptors and Portland Trail Blazers as well.

There is a flicker of hope for Lin although it may only be a temporary tenure.