Jerry Sloan's tenure with the Utah Jazz appears to be over.

Following last night's game with the Chicago Bulls, Sloan, who is known for being prompt with the media, didn't come out of the locker room to speak with reporters until nearly 30 minutes after the game ended and appeared shaken after a closed-door discussion with team general manager Kevin O'Connor. Forward Andrei Kirilenko was later seen by reporters coming out of the coach's office area -- not the locker room.

The team had cancelled a scheduled practice today.

The 68-year-old coach's departure comes just four days after signing a one-year extension on Monday. Assistant coach Phil Johnson is also reportedly set to resign.

Sloan, whose career coaching record reads 1,221-803, has coached the Utah Jazz since the 1988-89 season--easily the longest tenure in the NBA. Under Sloan's watch, the Utah Jazz reached back-to-back NBA Finals, both times losing to the Chicago Bulls.