Jessica Anne Strom
Jessica Anne Strom allegedly offered sex and $1,000 to a hit man to murder her partner. Handout

A Wisconsin woman who allegedly offered a hit man sex and $1,000 to murder her attorney fiancé was held on $250,000 bond Monday.

Jessica Anne Strom, 33, of Merrill, Wisc., faces up to 60 years in prison if convicted of the charges, which include conspiracy to commit first-degree intentional homicide, the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune reported. After being held on bond, Marathon County Circuit Judge Mike Moran set a preliminary hearing in the case for March 12.

Police became aware of the alleged murder-for-hire plot after they were tipped off Wednesday by a confidential informant who said Strom came to him with the murder plans. The informant told authorities that Strom wanted him to kill her fiancé, an attorney, and then dispose of the body in Door County, Wisc., according to the criminal complaint in the case obtained by the Rapids Tribune. While the paper didn’t identify the fiancé, the Smoking Gun identified him as 49-year-old John Schellpfeffer.

Strom allegedly gave the alleged hitman a schematic of her fiance’s workplace and details of his daily routine, the Smoking Gun reported. The informant said Strom asked him, “Would you ever kill anybody?” When he declined, she said, “Well, what would it take to do it?”

Strom allegedly plotted for two years to kill Schellpfeffer because he was “controlling” and had “done bad things to her and others,” the Smoking Gun reported. The informant told Strom she could just end the relationship if it was causing too much trouble for her, but she allegedly responded that it “wouldn’t give her any satisfaction.”

Strom also allegedly told the informant he could kill her and her two children if she didn’t come up with the $1,000 to kill her fiancé.

Assistant District Attorney Lesli Pluster said the evidence against Strom was “quite strong” during her court appearance Monday. Pluster said prosecutors have video and audio recordings that show Strom had “clear intent” to kill her fiancé.

Strom “told the informant she had been planning to kill her fiancé for two years but did not have anyone to do it for her,” Pluster said, according to the Rapids Tribune. “When she was asked why she didn’t just leave him, [Strom] said she would not be satisfied by just leaving.”