Joe the Plumber, an unlikely figure from the 2008 presidential race, who's real name is Samuel Wurzelbacher is running for Congress, he officially announced today, Politico reported.

Wurzelbacher became famous when he spoke with then-candidate Barack Obama at an event and was then repeatedly referenced by both Obama and Republican candidate John McCain in a nationally televised debate. Wurzelbacher had told Obama in the initial exchange that he didn't like the candidate's tax plan because it could cost him money.

Politico reported that Wurzelbacher announced his candidacy at restaraunt in Toledo, Ohio:

Wurzelbacher, running as a Republican, said he was tired of half measures from politicians and wanted more permanent solutions to the nations problems, saying he isn't the kind of plumber who uses duct tape.

He also criticized politicians for not understanding the plight of people and families who've lost their jobs, saying they don't get it.

If he does win the Republican nomination in Ohio's 9th district, Wurzelbacher would face a real challenge. Incumbent Democrat Marcia C. Kaptur has been in office since 1982 -- though she is also facing a primary challenge in the form of Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Politico reported. Kucinich was left without a seat after redistricting in Ohio.