John Calipari coached in the NBA for three seasons with the New jersey Nets.
John Calipari coached in the NBA for three seasons with the New jersey Nets. Reuters

Even before Mike D'Antoni resigned has the Knicks head coach, people were speculating about who might coach New York next season.

John Calipari's name has frequently been in the discussion, and now the idea of Kentucky's head coach going to the Knicks seems like a real possibility.

According to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, many people think the Knicks want Calipari to be the team's next coach, even though the season is not over.

Lot of NBA people believe John Calipari to the Knicks is already being set into motion, tweeted Isola.

Many believe that Calipari will look to make the jump to the NBA after finally winning a national championship in the college ranks. Calipari led Kentucky to its first title since 1998 on Monday.

Calipari has coached in the NBA before, but he wasn't very successful.

He was hired by the Nets in 1996, but was fired after starting the 1998-1999 Season with a 3-17 record. He made one postseason as New Jersey's head coach, but was swept in the first round by the Bulls.

College coaches haven't had much success of late when trying to make the jump to the pros.

Rick Pittino left Kentucky after winning a championship in 1998, and was unable to find success with the Celtics. Mike Montgomery left Stanford to coach the Warriors in 2004. He lasted just two seasons, compiling a 68-96 overall record.

Calipari has had an extremely successful career in the NCAA. He has an overall record of 543-153, coaching at Massachusetts, Memphis and Kentucky. He took all four schools to the Final Four.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports says the allure of New York might be too much for the coach to resist.

Kentucky's head man signed an eight-year, $31.65 million contract with the school in 2009, and had his deal extended by two years in 2011. According to Wojnarowski, the Knicks might offer the coach $8 million a year, a deal Kentucky may not be able to match.

Calipari has admitted in the past that money played a big role in his decision to leave UMass and go to the NBA. Would he do the same thing this year?

Even if he would like to come to New York, Calipari faces some stiff competition.

Past reports have stated that legendary coaches Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan are interested in the job. It's also not out of the realm of possibility that interim head coach Mike Woodson could be signed to a long-term deal. The Knicks have played well under Woodson, going 9-3 since D'Antoni's resignation.

Despite all the talk, Calipari could decide that he's content at the college level. He's proven to be the best recruiter in the NCAA, and could have the first two picks in this year's NBA Draft.

Until the Knicks sign a coach to an extended contract, Calipari's name will continue to be floated in connection with New York.