Juan Manuel Marquez boasted about his knockout win against Manny Pacquiao in a classy way.

Marquez seems to know to carry the pride and honor in being the only fighter to score a clean KO win over Pacquiao, the eight-division title holder. In fact, during a brief media scrum last week, the Mexican legend reminded the world about one of his greatest accomplishments in boxing.

While talking to some boxing personalities at an event, Elie Seckbach of EsNews asked Marquez to show everybody what he has been hiding inside the coat he was wearing. After hearing the request, Marquez smiled as he slowly opened his coat and revealed images from his KO win over Pacquiao printed inside of it.

“You wanna see? You wanna see what’s inside my jacket?” Marquez asked.

“This is the knockout (fight),” Marquez said, after revealing the image of him knocking Pacquiao out printed inside his coat.

Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico pose in New York, during a news conference on their upcoming boxing fight for Pacquiao's WBO welterweight title Manny Pacquiao (L) of the Philippines and Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico pose in New York, during a news conference on their upcoming November 12 boxing fight for Pacquiao's WBO welterweight title September 6, 2011. Photo: Reuters

The Pacquiao-Marquez rivalry is one of the most historic boxing ones of all time. The two legendary warriors first met in 2004 when Marquez was the defending champion.

The fight looked like it would turn into another dominating Pacquiao performance early as the Filipino legend knocked Marquez down three times in the first round.

Marquez seemed fortunate to escape the first three minutes and as the fight went on. He began to get the better of a few exchanges and even managed to out-box Pacquiao for the remainder of the fight.

The fight was officially called a split-decision draw as judge Burt Clements mistakenly only scored the first round 10-7 instead of 10-6 for Pacquiao. He was the only judge that called the fight a draw, but had he scored it properly, Pacquiao would have won a decision.

In 2008, Marquez was once again eager to prove he’s the better fighter and he looked more confident throughout. In fact, Marquez was winning the fight until the 10th round when all of a sudden, Pacquiao caught Marquez with a left hand. Marquez went down, and the fight changed from that moment.

Pacquiao was officially given a split-decision win but many still believed Marquez deserved the decision.

The fourth and final clash between  Pacquiao and Marquez happened in 2012 and drew 1.15 million pay-per-view buys. This time, Marquez finally did the unthinkable and landed a solid right hand on Pacquiao. The punch completely laid out the legend and Marquez walked away with a KO victory.

Marquez Pacquiao IV Juan Manuel Marquez's, left, sixth round TKO of Manny Pacquiao, right, in December reportedly has the Mexican asking for a huge pay day for a fifth bout. Pacquiao has set his sights on a September fight, but promoter Bob Arum hasn't come to a decision yet. Photo: Reuters