• Real Madrid once again delivered another convincing victory with a win over Espanya
  • Their 0-1 win against Espanyol featured a memorable highlight assist from Karim Benzema
  • The La Liga standings feature Real Madrid on top with 71 points

The La Liga season is back and Real Madrid has been dominating ever since the games resumed. The team has been on a hot streak as they picked up another victory with a 0-1 win over Espanyol.

For Zinedine Zidane’s club, while it was the midfielder Casemiro that provided a lot of impact for the team, Karim Benzema’s highlight play stood out above the team’s overall effort. Considering how well the team played, Benzema’s assist really delivered one of the memorable moves this season.

But it’s also noteworthy to highlight how several players stepped up for the club in their match. Per The Real Champs, the manner of how Raphael Varane positioned well on the pitch and delivered defensively for Zidane throughout the match was big for the Los Blancos victory. In addition to this, goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was solid and maintained another clean sheet for the club.

The team looked cohesive throughout the match and the anticipation that Marcelo, Dani Carvajal and Sergio Ramos displayed on the defensive end was noteworthy. When it came to the offensive end, Casemiro provided multiple scoring opportunities for Real Madrid as the chemistry of the team proved to be too much for Espanyol’s game plan. The Santiago Bernabeu-based squad was all over the place and proved why they’re the top team in La Liga.

With Real Madrid clicking on every side of the field, the main play of the night came from a brilliant assist from Benzema. As the veteran was attacking aggressively during the 45th-minute mark, he found a way to dish out a backheel assist that slipped right through the Espanya defense. The presence of mind of Casemiro to take advantage of the situation and easily put the goal away sealed the night for Real Madrid. After that moment, Espanyol was unable to rally back as Real Madrid took over the entire match.

There’s no surprise that Benzema was able to perform such a creative trick. The star has been pulling off great highlights for Real Madrid for more than 506 appearances. Throughout those games, he’s put up 244 goals and 134 assists, including the latest flashy trick move against Espanya.

With another victory on the board, Real Madrid is looking to take over the La Liga season. Boasting 21 wins, eight draws and three losses, Zidane’s team is currently on top of the league. They currently hold a slight advantage over Barcelona with 71 points over Barca’s 69.

It will be interesting to see how Real Madrid moves forward in the remaining games of the season. With players such as Benzema cheekily playing against defenders, the team is looking to finish the campaign on a powerful mark.

Karim Benzema has attracted online followers by avoiding blandness
Karim Benzema has attracted online followers by avoiding blandness AFP / GABRIEL BOUYS