Warriors forward Andre Iguodala revealed that neither of his teammates Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson is going to the Knicks.

The rumors continue to swirl around the Golden State Warriors these days as two of their stars are likely to part ways with the team this offseason. Warriors forward and a close friend to both Durant and Thompson, Andre Iguodala, just revealed on national TV that “nobody’s going to the Knicks.”

In a recent tv appearance on CNBC, Iguodala may have just dismantled Knicks fans' hopes of seeing Durant in a blue and orange jersey next season.

According to Iguodala, he has kept in contact with Durant and Thompson this summer despite all the rumors that has been plaguing their team amid the free agency of both stars, FOX Sports noted.

“I think they’ll both be back with the Golden State Warriors. We’re like brothers, we keep in contact,” Iguodala said.

“But regardless of any of that, if both did decide to leave, they would still be my brothers, I’d still keep in contact with them as much as possible, and I just wish the best for both of them, [that] they come back full strength,” Iguodala added.

But as soon as the 2015 NBA Finals MVP finished his statement, he was quickly asked about the possibility of Durant signing with the Knicks. Iguodala was also quick to answer. “Nobody’s going to the Knicks, sorry. ... or none of my guys are,” he revealed.

Iguodala has been with the Warriors for quite some time, and with all the championships he has shared with Durant and Thompson, it is hard to disregard his statement.

Last week, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and NBA veteran Kendrick Perkins stated that the Brooklyn Nets are gaining confidence in signing KD this offseason.

In addition, sources also claimed that Durant wasn’t pleased with the Golden State’s medical staff services before and after his devastating game 5 injury. Rumor has it that the Nets are capable of providing KD the rehabilitation he needs and it adds up to the Nets and Durant reportedly being on good terms, New York Post reported.

As for Klay, there is still no solid indication whether or not the splash brother will re-sign with the Warriors. The Atlanta Hawks are just one of the teams reportedly pursuing Thompson if things will not work out with him and Golden State.

After all, Iguodala’s statement is bad news for Knicks fans.

Andre Iguodala Warriors The Golden State Warriors are favored to clinch the 2016 NBA Finals at home. Photo: Getty