Mark Sanchez
New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez exposes his rear end during a Napa Valley dance party with socialite Alana Kari. Reuters

Mark Sanchez has been criticized by his teammates and the media for his poor play this past season.

Now Sanchez may be criticized for poor decisions in his personal life.

Tabloid Web sites are reporting the Jets' quarterback is dating Kim Kardashian. A source told that the two have been very careful, meeting in hotels for dinner dates and flings.

Sanchez has been linked to celebrities before. At the end of the season, a report came out claiming Sanchez was dating model Kate Upton.

Kardashian has been romantically linked to several athletes. She recently filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, a power forward for the New Jersey Nets.

Due to the high-profile break-up, Humphries has received jeers from fans at opposing arenas all season.

If the tabloid reports are true, Sanchez wouldn't be the only former USC star to hook up with Kardashian. The reality star also dated Dolphins running back Reggie Bush.