Not even an amped up crowd at Madison Square Garden could will the Knicks to victory, as the Celtics pulled away in the final seven minutes to give the Celtics the 101-89 win, and a sweep of the seven-game series.

The Knicks staged a valiant comeback in the second half, led by Anthony Carter. New York pulled within four after trailing by 23 points.

Carter scored 11 points in 23 minutes, and his defense was vital for New York's improved second-half play.

But the Celtics got an excellent performance from Kevin Garnett, who scored 26 points. He was helped by Rajon Rondo, who added 21 points and 12 assists, in the Celtics Game-Four victory.

Though the Knicks picked it up in the comeback, they dug themselves a deep hole in the first half. Apparently it was too deep to get the win and salvage the series.

Things were ugly for the Knicks at halftime. Amare Stoudemire, playing with a sore back, sat only four minutes, but converted only one shot out of 10.

Toney Douglas didn't fare too much better in the half, either. Filling in for injured Chauncey Billups, Douglas was only one of eight from the field.

In fact, the Knicks shot only 23 percent from the field.

Down 55-38, things could have actually been worse for New York, but Paul Pierce's one-for-10 shooting at least gave New York some hope.

It was a satisfying ending for the Celtics. Boston got a strong contribution from bench player Glenn Davis, who was six of eight from the field.

The Celtics, packed with veterans, will face the winner of the Heat and the 76ers, where the Heat lead the series 3-1.

With center Shaquille O'Neal out, Boston could use some time before that series to rest up and have a strong defensive presence in O'Neal back in the line-up.