Steve Nash has played 15 seasons in the NBA.
Steve Nash has played 15 seasons in the NBA. REUTERS

The Knicks reportedly have interest in making Steve Nash one of their starters next season. However, according to one source, New York should probably start looking elsewhere for a point guard.

The New York Post is reporting that a confidant of Nash's doesn't believe the two-time MVP wants to be a Knick. The source says that Nash won't take less money to sign with New York because he doesn't think they are close enough to winning a championship. The report says he also didn't like the way former Knick coach Mike D'Antoni was treated.

The news comes just hours after Nash said publicly that he would think about a move to the Big Apple.

The Knicks are a great franchise and I live in New York City, so I'd definitely consider them if they were interested, said Nash at an event on Wednesday. I want to wait and see what's actually on the table. I'm open and excited. I'm looking at every possibility right now. It sounds like there are a number of teams that are interested.

New York would likely welcome Nash if he wanted to sign with the team, but bringing him in will be a challenge because of salary cap restrictions. They still have to re-sign Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak, and doing so could leave no money left to bring in Nash.

If the Knicks win the arbitration case regarding Lin and Novak's bird rights, they'll still only be able to offer the former Suns star the veteran's minimum.

Even at 38 years old, Nash continued his stellar play this past season. He averaged 12.5 points, 10.7 assists and three rebounds per game. He almost led a Phoenix team to the playoffs with a very weak supporting cast, and finished ninth in MVP voting.

Bringing in Nash would likely relegate Lin to the bench. Some have said Lin is not good enough to be a starting point guard for a full season, and the Knicks may feel that way if they decide to bring in a veteran to take the starting role.

If New York misses out on signing Nash, they may look to bring in another veteran point guard. Andre Miller is a free agent, and he may also be on the Knicks radar.