New Jersey Nets' Kris Humphries has had few moments to himself, ever since he began dating reality television star Kim Kardashian. He has been in the news more often than not and mostly for reasons he would probably not want. The latest such incident is no different.

The couple's romance and subsequent (but short-lived) wedding was covered extensively by the media and resulted in considerable negative publicity for the Nets' rebound specialist. It wound up with Humphries accusing the Kardashian clan of using him as bait for their publicity stunts.

The Boycott Kim Kardashian movement, with 300,000 pledges as of now, seems to have included Humphries. According to Yahoo Sports News, a recent Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research poll has listed him as the most-hated player in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He's been on five magazine covers, all in a negative light. It's all so recent, he's gotten all this publicity for something other than basketball talent, said Stephen Master, VP at Nielsen Sports, according to the Yahoo report.

Check out the full list of the ten most hated disliked basketball players (along with the percentage of respondents who found each player unlikable):

1. Kris Humphries (50 percent)

2. LeBron James (48 percent)

3. Kobe Bryant (45 percent)

4. Tony Parker (37 percent)

5. Metta World Peace (36 percent)

6. Chris Bosh (34 percent)

7. Carmelo Anthony (27 percent)

8. Paul Pierce (25 percent)

9. Dwyane Wade (23 percent)

10. Lamar Odom (21 percent)