Both Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom are the subject of trade rumors. Reuters

Trade rumors are plentiful during the NBA Draft.

Fortunately for Lakers' fans, much of these rumors have little chance of coming to fruition.

Here are some that have been reported in the past few days (NOTE: Some of these deals would require some filler, such as draft picks or additional players for salary cap purposes):

Lakers forward Lamar Odom for 76ers' swing man Andre Iguodala. There's no chance this deal will go down, despite Sports Illustrated reports. The 76ers certainly need the length that Odom offers, but the Lakers don't need a perimeter player like Iguodala. There's no chance this trade goes down.

Lakers power forward Pau Gasol for Kevin Love, the second pick, and Jonny Flynn. This trade has the most benefit for the Lakers of the ones that are floating around. The Lakers went to the Finals in Gasol's first three seasons, and he remains one of the best big men in the NBA despite talk of being soft. What the Lakers would receive in Love is an excellent rebounder and passer, and a good shooter. By adding Derrick Williams (the presumed second pick), the team would get an injection of youth at a position where Ron Artest and Matt Barnes are showing their age. Flynn is coming off a major sophomore slump, and isn't much of an addition at point guard. Still, can the Lakers really part ways with Gasol, and leave all of the center duties to injury-plagued Andrew Bynum?

Lakers center Bynum for Minnesota's second overall pick. This is the most far-fetch rumor of them all. The Lakers are using Bynum as a bargaining chip for Dwight Howard when the Magic center inevitably tells Orlando management that he will not re-sign. The Lakers are the only team that can give the Magic enough compensation for their superstar big man. As for the Timberwolves, they're shopping their second pick (who will likely be Derrick Williams of Arizona) as if they want nothing to do with it.

CBS Sports writer Ken Berger and ESPN's Chris Broussard reported that the Lakers shopped Odom and Shannon Brown for Warriors' guard Monta Ellis, and were rejected. That's a tough story to believe. The Lakers would be dealing an athletic 6'10 forward and the Sixth Man of the Year for a guard who has never led his team to the playoffs. From the Warriors' perspective, the deal makes little sense, as well. How would a player like Odom propel Golden State to the playoffs?

Another problem with dealing Odom is his sensibilities. Odom's has had questionable motivation over the years, and seems very happy with life in Los Angeles, and with his celebrity wife. Any team that acquires Odom may wonder if he will be interested in playing hard for a team that is not a contender or in a major market like the Lakers.

The major question in these rumors is, do the Lakers need to make any deal at all? Also, are they consulting Kobe Bryant about them? Bryant wasn't asked for his input in adding head coach Mike Brown, and now the Lakers might be making big changes to a roster that is built around Bryant.

Going into the season, the Lakers were the defending back-to-back NBA Champions, and then lost in the Western Conference Semi-finals to the eventual NBA Champions, the Dallas Mavericks.

A major shakeup may not be needed.