Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley was lauded by his Lakers teammates for standing up for a fallen Austin Reaves against the Phoenix Suns. Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images


  • Several Lakers players have lauded Patrick Beverley for standing up to Deandre Ayton
  • Devin Booker calls out Beverley for shoving Ayton during the game
  • Austin Reaves appreciates Beverley's gesture

Patrick Beverley of the Los Angeles Lakers is known to be someone who will not be afraid to mix it up even if it means shoving a 7-foot cager.

The 34-year-old started a melee during the Lakers' game against Phoenix Suns in the fourth quarter after a wild sequence on Tuesday, November 22.

The play involved Austin Reaves and Devin Booker as the former was driving for a shot attempt.

Booker ended up hitting the 24-year-old in the face, drawing a Flagrant 1 foul in the process.

However, things got a bit chippy when Deandre Ayton appeared to taunt a fallen Reaves.

Beverley was quick to come to the aid of his fallen Lakers teammate, shoving Ayton for his actions.

Other players got into the skirmish, but it was eventually Beverley who was ejected for his actions.

The Lakers lauded Beverley for standing up for Reaves, an incident that he branded as an unfortunate situation.

But the defensive guard stressed how he did not like how Booker and Ayton were standing over Reaves and "mean-mugging" the young cager.

"I'm a big fan of protecting my teammates," Beverley said about the incident.

Reaves appreciated the gesture and stressed he would have done the same thing if the situation was reversed.

"If it was him, we would've done the same thing for him," Reaves stated via Dan Woike.

Other Lakers who hailed Beverley included Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis, and the latter felt that Ayton standing over Reaves was disrespectful and added that the 34-year-old veteran showed he had his teammates' back.

On the Suns' side, Booker called out Beverley and said: "Pat needs to stop pushing people in the back man. Push them in the chest."

When told about Booker's call-out, Beverley declined to address and said: "I'm not going back and forth with all of that."

Beyond all that, the fact remains the Lakers lost to the Suns, 105-115.

LeBron James did not play in that game, leaving Davis trying to lift the franchise with 37 points, 21 rebounds, and two assists.

Los Angeles tries to get back on the winning track on Friday, November 25 when they take on the San Antonio Spurs once more.

In their last meeting, the Lakers romped over the Spurs, 123-92.

Austin Reaves #15 of the Los Angeles Lakers
Austin Reaves #15 of the Los Angeles Lakers appreciated the gesture of Patrick Beverley and said he would to the same if the situation was reversed. Getty Images | Harry How