Doc Rivers put an end to rumors that he might become the Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach next season by declaring Tuesday night that he has no plans of leaving the Clippers for the city’s other NBA team. While the opportunity to coach LeBron James obviously has plenty of appeal, it could also be part of what will keep Rivers away from L.A.’s most storied franchise.

According to ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, Rivers has been warned to avoid taking a job that would include trying to manage the league’s top star.

“There are people in Southern California, in that environment, telling Doc, ‘You don’t want to do this,’” ESPN’s Michael Wilbon said on “Pardon The Interruption.” “One of those reasons is, simply, LeBron James. He’s been told by people, and I KNOW this: LeBron doesn’t want to be coached. And he’s never been coached by somebody with that kind of personality, command, authority, acumen, intellect. He’s rejected it. So Doc Rivers is being reminded of that by people.”

James has played for seven head coaches in his 16 NBA seasons, and almost all of them seem to be at least one bad losing-streak away from being on the hot seat. Luke Walton is still the Lakers’ head coach, though it’s largely assumed that he’ll be fired this summer.

David Blatt was the last of James’ coaches to be fired. The idea that James doesn’t want to be coached was never more evident than in the 2015 NBA Finals when the three-time champion essentially called timeouts and made substitutions while openly dismissing some of Blatt’s decisions.

Blatt was let go in the middle of the 2015-2016 season. Tryonn Lue took over and led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a title and three straight appearances in the NBA Finals.

James’ perceived behavior is just one part of the equation. The Clippers’ job is arguably a much better one than the Lakers’ gig.

Rivers is currently leading the Clippers to the playoffs and close to a 50-win season. The team is expected to get even better next year with good young players, an influx of draft picks and cap space. The Clippers are the favorites to sign Kawhi Leonard.

The Lakers won’t have an easy time turning their roster into a championship contender. They aren’t the favorites to sign any of the star free agents that will hit the market in the offseason, and trading for Anthony Davis will remain difficult.

Rivers has missed the playoffs as a head coach just once in the last 12 seasons. The Lakers haven’t reached the playoffs since the 2012-2013 season.