The last Sumatran rhino in Malaysia has died from cancer, her death making the species as officially extinct in the Asian country. The female rhino was 25 years old when she died.

As per NYPost’s report, Iman, the female rhino, died last Saturday. She was living on the island of Borneo, where she was being taken care of at the Borneo Rhino Sanctuary.

BBC reported that the last male Sumatran rhino died six months ago. The country has no other rhinos left under their care. Reports have it that the Sumatran rhino could be seen in various countries in Asia. However, due to certain factors, often caused by humans, like poaching activities, these creatures started to decline in number.

Iman, Last Female Sumatran Rhino in Malaysia

Accordingly, there are roughly fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos that are still alive today. But as far as the rhinos in Malaysia, Iman’s death signaled the species extinction in the said county.

As per Christina Liew, the Minister of Tourism of Malaysia, the death of Iman was a “natural one.” According to her, the immediate cause of her death was “shock.”

rhinoceros - sumatran rhino dies officially extinct
rhinoceros - sumatran rhino dies officially extinct Free Photos - Pixabay

She added that the female rhino was given the best care since she was captured in 2014. From that time up to the moment that she passed on Saturday, Nov. 23, she also received the best kind of attention. And, Liew said that nobody could have done more for the rhino.

The attack on Iman was not the first since there have been times that the rhino almost died. She suffered from uterine tumors, which cause sudden blood loss on several occasions.

Aside from poaching, another cause that scientists look into is habitat loss. As per BBC’s report, the biggest threat to their existence is the fragmented nature of the population of rhinos.

Other Endangered Rhinos

Aside from the Sumatran rhinos, there are two other species of rhinos, which are considered as “critically endangered.” According to Live Science, these are the black rhinos and the Javan rhinos.

Various organizations have tried to breed these animals, in the hope that they could prevent their extinction. However, success rates have not been that high. In fact, efforts were made to breed the rhinos in the Borneo sanctuary, but it was not successful.