The latest video of bizarre first pitches from South Korea involved a bow and arrow.

South Korean archer and Olympic Medalist Ki Bo-Bae “threw” her first pitch at a baseball game on Sunday using a baseball-tipped arrow.

Ki is currently ranked as the number one woman recurve bow archer with 264.5 points, according to World Archery. At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London , United Kingdom, Ki took home two gold medals in individual and team women’s archery.

In the video, released on YouTube on Sunday, Ki is seen “pitching” the baseball-tipped arrow alongside the SK Wyverns Baseball Club’s mascot to another mascot at bat before a game between the NC Dinos and SK Wyverns Baseball Club.

South Korean baseball game first pitches have gained worldwide attention, after an acrobatic first pitch video of South Korean actress and taekwondoist, Tae Mi, went viral in August.

Watch the archery filled pitch in the video above and let us know what you think.