Like father, like son. LeBron James Jr., the 9-year-old son of Miami Heat star LeBron James, is already dominating on the basketball court.

On Thursday, James took to his Instagram account to brag about his son’s basketball exploits. LeBron James Jr., recorded 25 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists in his latest game — a stat line that’s awfully reminiscent of his four-time NBA MVP father’s career averages. “Bronny went for 25-8-8 tonight. He getting better and better,” James wrote on Instagram.

He also noted that LeBron Jr. is already working to perfect the “euro step,” the patented move of Dwyane Wade, James’ teammate in Miami. “Couple euro steps looking like" Wade, James wrote.

But James is most impressed with his son’s willingness to pass the ball — a trait that separates the Heat star from the NBA’s other prolific talents. “What I like most is his unselfishness #HeGotNext #StriveForGreatness,” James wrote on Instagram.

The LeBron James Jr. basketball video was posted just weeks after a similar highlight reel, featuring Wade’s son, Zaire Wade, went viral. Wade’s son, a fifth-grader, is already turning heads on the basketball court, displaying advanced shooting and ball-handling skills. As Complex Sports notes, it’s possible that basketball fans could see Zaire and LeBron Jr., playing together in about 15 years, just as their fathers are doing at present.

James’ Instagram video of his son can be viewed below, or by clicking here.

[h/t Complex Sports]