LeBron James’s net worth continues to pile up. His career earnings have eclipsed the billion dollar mark last year and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

James has been the face of the NBA for a couple of years now. His brand transcends off the court. The mere mention of his name or his activities would send the global media in a frenzy. With such a marketing force for James and his team, it is no wonder he is raking it in in terms of endorsement deals. 

What makes “The King” so revered off and on the court? One: he is a winner. He makes each team he plays for an instant playoff contender. Two: he is loyal. A big chunk of his money comes from his partnership with Nike. In 2015, he agreed to a lifetime deal with the shoe brand allegedly worth $1 billion, Business Insider reports. Three: he is business savvy, rarely possessed by an athlete today. He has ventures from being part owner of football club Liverpool, an investor of Blaze Pizza, and co-owner of a sneaker and clothing retailer Unknwn. His other list of endorsement deals include Beats, Intel, Sprite and Kia.

Additionally, he started the SpringHill Entertainment and media company Uninterrupted. SpringHill is responsible for producing the highly-anticipated "Space Jam 2" which will star none other than James. Much is expected from the sequel since the original "Space Jam" movie starred Michael Jordan and had blockbuster success. 

The number 4 on the NBA all time scoring list always lends a hand to those in need. LBJ, through the The LeBron James Family Foundation, opened a school for the underprivileged elementary kids in Ohio called “I Promise School.” He allegedly spent $41 million for this project, per Forbes. Everything is provided for in this school, from food to uniforms and tuition fees. The parents too, are offered jobs such as manning the cafeteria. Another beneficiary of his kindness is the Muhammad Ali exhibit at the Smithsonian which received a $2.5 million donation. 

For a multi-millionaire athlete who can practically buy everything he wants, the Lakers superstar remains a bit frugal, only spending on the things that are needed for the people that matter to him. He drives a Porsche, a Kia customized K900, a Ferrari and a Rolls-Royce Phantom equipped with TV. The kid from Akron also bought a Porsche and Ferrari Testarossa, not for himself, but for his mother and wife, respectively.

He loves to buy properties as well. James owns a house in Los Angeles worth $23 million, aside from a 30,000-square-foot compound in Ohio. He once bought a Coconut Grove home in Miami which has a price tag of $9 million and sold it for $13 million.

If James goes on to take the Lakers to the promise land, it will not be surprising to see him hit another billion mark earnings sooner than later.

LeBron James suggested Daryl Morey 'wasn't educated' on the situation in Hong Kong said he should have kept quiet about it LeBron James suggested Daryl Morey 'wasn't educated' on the situation in Hong Kong said he should have kept quiet about it Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Sean M. Haffey