• A former Golden State Warrior said LeBron James can play all positions
  • Former Warrior picks Michael Jordan as player to pick when running an organization
  • Former Warrior said James is the next best player after Jordan

A former Golden State Warrior made an interesting LeBron James and Michael Jordan comparison.

All over the world, Jordan vs. LeBron has been a staple subject in basketball debates. Many are eveidently convinced that MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time. But with the significant help of media and for some new generation fans, “King James” is the best to ever play the game.

In the NBA, there has been an array of players who have weighed in on the said debate. And one of the most recent one came from former Warriors forward and retired NBA player Al Harrington.

During a guest appearance on “All The Smoke podcast” with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Harrington talked about several things from his personal and professional life but also the NBA in general.

According to Harrington, James has proven that he’s the best by showing that he can play every position at any given time. However, on a business standpoint, Jordan is still the player to go to.

“LeBron is the best player because you talk about the best basketball player and not just the best killer instinct. The fact he can play all five positions, and he has done this shit for 17 years consistently with no drop off at any time,” Harrington explained.

“But if you ask me if I want to start an organization and I need a bad motherf---er, I’m going with Mike. Outside of that, it’s LeBron hands down over Magic, Bird, and all of them,” Harrington added.

Michael Jordan Michael Jordan and LeBron James are considered among the greatest in NBA history. In this picture, James #6 of the Miami Heat hugs Michael Jordan after defeating the Charlotte Bobcats 109-98 in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Time Warner Cable Arena on April 28, 2014, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

After his basketball career, Harrington has been known for his setting some NBA issues straight. He got into the cannabis business and believes that players should have the freedom of consuming cannabis if they think it’s the right thing for them after practice or a game.

Based on his theory, smoking cannabis after games can help players heal. He also noted that NBA players are professional enough to know that smoking cannabis before the game is never a good idea even though it is believed that there are players who regularly show up in games high of weed.

Harrington also once blasted NBA teams over loyalty talks. The NBA journeyman stated that after all: “it’s business and everybody is going to do whatever is good for them. I tell these young guys, don’t be loyal to no organization because they are not going to be loyal to you. It’s important to keep it real.”