Draymond Green and LeBron James have seen each other in the NBA Finals a total of three times in the last three years. Monday, the Warriors were crowned champions. Naturally, competing for the most coveted accolade in basketball will lead to tons of emotions, on and off the court. The two fired shots at each other via social media and in public.

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The Warriors were celebrating their championship with a parade Thursday, which proved a key opportunity for both stars to air their respective grievances. James trolled the Warriors during the Cleveland parade by wearing a shirt that read “Ultimate Warriors” after the Cavaliers 2016 win.

Draymond seemed to take a page out James’ book of petty when he trolled James with a t-shirt that read ‘Quickie’ with an NBA championship trophy next to it. James, who took to Instagram Thursday to show off his new shaved head, responded to Green’s shirt on social media.


.... That's what she said, HUH?!?!? ____.

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This longstanding rivalry has been going on since their respective teams collided in the 2015 NBA Finals. The Warriors crushed the Cavaliers 4–2 with the help of Andre Iguodala, who was awarded a Finals MVP. After losing Kyrie Irving to an injury, the Cavaliers would go on to lose the series after Iguodala's number was called by coach Steve Kerr. The team played a brand of small ball that was too much for the Cavaliers. The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 4–2.

Since the loss, James and his team have sought revenge.

The Cavilers returned to the 2016 Finals with a relatively healthy and scrappy team. Drama ensued. Green and James got entangled, and James seemed to push Green to the ground. When James attempted to step over Green, Green appeared to thrust his hand up near James' groin. Green then got up and shoved James. This led to both getting double fouls.

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Following the game, James gave his opinion on the confrontation and suggested that Green said something that was in bad taste during the scuffle. Later, ESPN reported that Green called James a "bitch.”

This year’s Finals had some drama as well. LeBron and Green didn't have an altercation in the 2017 NBA Finals, but Green wasn't without his share of altercations.

After a jump ball during the Finals game Monday, Green elbowed Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert in the face during Game 4. The incident subsequently led to a flagrant foul called on Green. He amassed two flagrant fouls over the course of the series.

Whatever the future of tension between the two, it's plan their banter is hardly over.