Ash Wednesday, Lent
Catholics attend Ash Wednesday mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Feb. 10, 2016 in New York City. Getty Images

Lent season will get underway this week with Ash Wednesday, and for Christians around the globe that means it’s time to make a commitment to sacrificing a favorite indulgence. The tradition of penance began as a commemoration of Jesus’ sacrifice during his 40 days of fasting in the desert. But what should you give up? Here are a few ideas:

Surely the most common vice to give up during Lent. If you didn’t make the commitment to a “dry January” at the start of 2017, then now’s a good time to try a few weeks without booze and loosen the strain on your wallet, waistline and liver. If you did, however, already give up alcohol for January then give yourself a break and move on down the list for something else or consider just giving up hard liquor.

The idea of becoming a vegetarian and giving up steak or bacon for good can certainly be daunting. But for those who want to take it a step further than “Meatless Mondays,” then just giving up meat for 46 days could be the way to go. You could be doing yourself, the environment and animals a favor.

Social Media
With constant notifications, news and updates to check, the thought of going even a few minutes without checking your phone can be enough to provoke extreme anxiety. Yet as a result, we’re often far from fully engaged with our loved ones, the environment or even a television show. For Lent, why not try going social media free. You never know, you might like it.

Remaining In A Bubble
At a time when the United States, along with plenty of other countries, is so divided, this would be an ideal time to step outside of your comfort zone and spend a little time attempting to understand those you consider the enemy. Instead of immediately shutting down opinions you don’t agree with, listen and attempt to understand. At worse, you’ll be better equipped with a rebuttal next time around.

Don’t Give Up Anything, Instead Begin Something
Lent doesn’t have to be only about giving up something, it can also be about giving to others. Try volunteering, giving to the homeless or just being more conscious of those less fortunate.