Leung Chai-yan, the daughter of Hong Kong chief executive Leung Chun-ying, accused her mother of abusing and assaulting her and announced that she would be “leaving home forever.” She wrote a series of Facebook posts on Tuesday alleging that her mother, Regina Tong, had kicked her, pushed her against a wall, and slapped her.

The 23-year-old also alleged that her mother verbally abused her, calling her a prostitute, Shanghaiist reported. "I fell, hit my spine against corner of study table," Leung Chai-yan reportedly said, adding: "This woman has issues and I have tried to help her - encouraging her to go see a therapist/ psychologist. ... Now I just don't bother."

She also reportedly wrote that she lacked the same "legal rights as a normal Hong Kong citizen because of who her parents are," claiming that she could not use public hospital services, among others. "There's only so much a human can take. If I need to better my life and find happiness, this is what I've gotta do. I'm doing this. Finally," she said.

The Hong Kong chief executive refused to comment on whether the incident was a case of domestic violence, but asked for “some space” before thanking the media for their concern Tuesday morning, Channel News Asia reported.

Leung Chai-yan had last year posted a photo on Facebook, which showed her lying in a bathtub with slashed wrists. More recently, she did a series of interviews where she admitted that she suffers from depression, and was “pretty familiar with the insides of a London ambulance.”

Her Facebook profile appeared to have been taken down shortly after she wrote the posts.