Confusion regarding Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's name whether it is spelled Qadaffi, Gathafi or Kaddafi remains. Is he a despot, tyrant or an astute politician - these titles are subject to interpretation. But is he an eccentric leader - his army of female virgin bodyguards offer a clue.

The man who has ruled Libya with an iron fist is known to move around with a batch of female bodyguards. The primary qualification for aspiring candidates, apart from being a female, is that one ought to be a virgin.

His penchant for virgin bodyguards is not the only claim to eccentricity but Gaddafi is also known to carry a giant Bedouin tent during his diplomatic visits, from where he conducts business.

Gaddafi also gains much spotlight for his flamboyant dressing which reveals his love for flowing robes and aviator glasses. The list of eccentricities also includes a report by Daily Mail which stated that the Libyan leader brought a Saharan camel as part of his 400-strong entourage when he visited France in 2007. It took five planes to carry the entourage.

Al Jazeera reported that Gaddafi stands defiant in the midst of raging protests demanding his resignation. He also said that until now he has not yet ordered the use of force and added a warning stating when I do, everything will burn. Also the Time columnist Robert Baer had a source close to the Libyan regime telling him that Gaddafi has ordered the destruction of oil pipelines, cutting off flow to Mediterranean ports.

While the aforesaid reports reveal Gaddafi's political side, here is a collage depicting his eccentric obsessions: