In just the first few hours of trading, LinkedIn's stock has skyrocketed in its debut initial public offering on Thursday due to high demand.

The starting IPO price was $45 a share, but those quickly went up to as high as $122.70 a share. LinkedIn finished the day ending with a value of $10 billion. The demand remains high but fears are settling in that it may be overpriced signaling a bubble and reminders of dotcom crash experiences in the past.

This has been a a measuring stick for other social networks who are considering to go public such as Twitter, Zynga, Groupon, and Facebook who will debut in 2012. LinkedIn's performance will be used as a measurement, giving the market an idea of potential social network firms' value and sustainability.

The first social network stock has poured excitement back into the US market for IPO's, a first since 2007. CEO Jeff Weinter is happy with the IPO success but points out that they shouldn't just read into any single day, especially today. The company is in it for 'the long haul.'

LinkedIn reported profits of $15.4 million and sales of $243 million in 2010. This is good news with the addition of its remarkable performance on opening day. But the Mountain View based company should focus on the road ahead and be wary of the market's unpredictability.

It could potentially light a fire under each of them to say, hey, let's get our offering going ... investor demand for these companies is just ridiculous...The IPO market works in a weird way. Just because the window is open now doesn't mean it will be in six months, said IPO strategist for investment research firm Morningstar Inc, Bill Buhr.

All eyes are on LinkedIn as they continue their debut's soaring success before other players join the party. Groupon is currently valued over $20 billion while Facebook holds their worth at $70 billion.