• A 6-year-old kid from Liverpool is being viewed as the next Lionel Messi
  • Messi noted that he sees a lot of class in the kid
  • Barcelona's official Twitter account reposted the kid's overhead goal video

The future Lionel Messi could be a 6-year-old residing in Liverpool city.

It is hard to believe that a player as magnificent as Messi could possibly be replaced. His impact has reached the younger generations and over the years, there have been countless kids who were dubbed to be the “next Messi.” However, an Iranian kid named Arat Hosseini could be the one to really follow the footsteps of the Argentine icon. Just like Messi, Hosseini is left-footed, can perform countless tricks and also rocking the number 10.

The wonder kid has gained popularity through social media and YouTube. He often posts video clips showing his incredible dribbling skills, footwork and most especially, his unbelievable six-pack abs. Hosseini boasts a staggering 3.3 million followers on Instagram and has already gone viral. His recent Instagram post even made him more famous after he shockingly performed an overhead kick goal inside his room. Hosseini often wears a Liverpool training gear but in the said video, the Liverpool kid wore a Barca shirt.

Hosseini’s stunt did not go unnoticed as Barcelona’s official Twitter account reposted the video and fans were truly delighted.

The promising youngster’s talents have already reached Messi and in fact, the six-time Ballon d’Or winner himself noted that he sees “a lot of class” in him, Soccer Laduma reported.

The Iranian kid responded immediately and showed gratitude to Messi in the original video of his overhead goal saying: “ Leo Messi, thank you for commenting on me . I wish to play for Barcelona one day.”

Whoever is administrating his Instagram account, also took the opportunity to tell Messi and Barcelona’s official instagram account that Hosseini has been dreaming of playing for the club one day.

“He dreams about it every night. And he compares himself with Messi . He says I will be just like him when I grew up. Arat always does his best to achieve his dreams,” He wrote.

Meanwhile, reports claim that Barcelona may have already signed their next Messi. According to pundits and multiple analyses, Barcelona’s new signing Francisco Trincao is already playing like the Argentine superstar.

Trincao is a 20-year-old forward from Portugal who made a name for himself by being the top-scorer at the European Under-19 Championship in 2018. As early as now, experts say that Trincao’s dribbling skills, lethal 1-on-1 skill during isolation plays with the defenders and creativity with insanely limited spaces make his style fairly similar to a young Messi’s.

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