A German liquor company hosted such a big party recently that guests are still experiencing it effects. A recent stunt at a promotional event for Jagermesiter, in which liquid nitrogen was used to fill a pool in an effort to create a special smoke effect, left partygoers hospitalized and one in an intensive care unit as of Wednesday.

According to a report from Univision Noticias via MSN, the liquor company’s decision to fill the Leon, Mexico-located promotional event’s pool with liquid nitrogen sent toxic plumes of smoke into the air, resulting in some party guests fainting and others reporting loss of breath. The incident was reportedly caused after the chemical became harmful due to its toxic properties when mixed with the chlorine in the swimming pool.

Out of 200 guests at the event, eight were hospitalized, all who have since been released after being diagnosed with cardiovascular issues. One 21-year-old guest, Jose Ignacio Lopez del Toro, is reportedly still suffering from a coma.

One clip taken at the event before the reported incident shows four workers pouring liquid nitrogen into the pool that is already visibly full with smoke, while party guests can be seen swimming amongst the smoke plumes. Another guest-captured clip shows partygoers frantically searching for an unconscious man among the smoke before he is soon after spotted and pulled to safety out of the water.

According to a report from the NY Daily News, a total of four bottles of nitrogen were used at the event. One guest, Jael Jimenez, claims she almost died from the stunt. “They realize that I had fainted because they saw the tray floating alone in the pool,” she said. “Otherwise, I might have drowned."

It is unknown whether any charges have been filed. An unidentified spokesman for Jagermeister confirmed Wednesday that the incident is under investigation. “We are aware of this incident in Leon, Mexico, which is currently being investigated by our headquarters in Germany,” he said. “Fortunately, all of those who required medical attention are out of danger and recovering.”