All times are EDT (all photos from Reuters)

6:10 pm: Parliament is a rubber stamp of Mubarak's NDB party.

6:09 pm: Oppostion Muslim Brother demands Mubarak must step down and that army must intervene and take control.

6:07 pm: Egyptian columnist in New York says there's no freedom in Egypt and protests will likely continue until Mubarak steps down.

6:06 pm: Street protests continue, outrage increases as Mubarak doesnt step down.

6:05 pm: Analyst is astounded by Mubarak's audacious speech.

6:02 pm: Mubarak is 82 years old.

6:00 pm: Reportedly, US VP Joe Biden has defended Mubarak and said he shouldnt step down.

5:56: Internet and phone communication are still down inside Egypt.

5:56 pm: Mubarak has apparently painted himself into a corner. Its not clear who in the country still supports him.

5:52 pm: Mubarak has changed his cabinets several times before.

5:50 pm: Mubarak's move differ widely from what happened in Tunisia, where the ex-President fled.

5:49 pm: Fires and protests continue to rage in Cairo,

5:48 pm: Protesters demanding Mubarak himself step down.

5:46 pm: Before tonight's speech, Mubarak had not been seen in 72 hours.

5:39 pm: As Mubarak apparently refuses to step down himself, the situation in Egypt has becomore even more confused. Mubarak did not say that he would allow free elections.

5:38 pm: At least 18 people have been killed in street protests.

5:35 pm: Protesters in streets screaming down down with Mubarak!

5:33 pm: Power in Egypt is concentrated in Mubarak's hands. Sacking the cabinet will not change that.

5:32 pm: Rioters will probably not be satisfied by Mubarak's decision since it looks like he will remain in power.

5:31 pm: Mubarak's speech was very self-serving and seemed to distance himself from the plight of the poor.

5:30 pm: Mubarak didnt make clear his specific role in new govt.

5:30 pm: Mubarak said he will not tolerate lawlessness and chaos.

5:30 pm: Mubarak requested govt to step down and will designate a new govt tomorrow.

5:28 pm: Mubarak has not said he will step down from power.

5:27 pm: Mubarak said he's committed to new steps to reduce unemployment and improve healthcare and education,

5:26 pm: Mubarak suggests looting is part of conspiracy or plots against Egypt.

5:25 pm: Mubarak appears to be delusional and doesn't even acknowledge the anger of the Egyptian people.

5:24 pm: Mubarak sais change can only be achieved thru dialogue. He said he's on the side of the poor people.

5:23 pm: Mubarak warns against chaos and lawlessness.

5:23 pm: It's not clear where Mubarak is speaking from. He says he's aware of peoples' sufferings.

5:22 pm: Mubarak says Egypt is governed by law.

5:21 pm: Mubarak says there is a fine line between freedom and chaos.

5:21 pm: Mubarak said he will adhere to freedom so long as it falls under the law and constitution.

5:19 pm: Mubarak says demonstrations wouldnt have taken place without freedin of press granted by reforms of govt.

5:18 pm: Mubarak regrets the innocent casualities of protests.

5:17 pm: Mubarak speaks on TV. called this a defining moment. he says hes been closely monitoring developments.

5:16 pm: These are defining moments in Egyptian history.

5:14 pm: Nile Television claims Mubarak will speak shortly.

5:12 pm: Confusion over Reuters report which claims Speaker has already appeared on TV and says matters are in safe hands pf Mubarak. This report is being questioned.

5:11 pm: Egypt has a president and prime minister, but no vice president.

5:10 pm: Speculation running wild over what Parliament speaker will say in his speech.

5:08 pm: Fire very close to musuem which holds priceless items from antiquity.

5:04 pm: 170 wounded in Cairo unrest, 20 of them critically.

5:02 pm: Hospitals overwhhelmed by wounded seeking treatment.

5:00 pm: Midnight strikes in Cairo -- no sign of Mubarak.

4:58 pm: McDermott says Obama wants to encouirage democratic process in Egypt.

4:52 pm: US congressman Jim McDermott said Egyptians have the right to complain about their grievances.

4:49 pm: Mubarak has been completely invisible, raising speculation.

4:48 pm: Egyptian economy will be hurt by departure of key businessmen.

4:45 pm: Army surroundings headquarters of NPD party.

4:39 pm: Speaker of Egypt Parliament set to appear on State TV to make statement.

4:31 pm: It would've been very hard to organize so many people without modern social network technology. 60-million of Egypt's 80-million people have mobile phones.

4:30 pm: It's now half hour from midnight in Cairo and Mubarak still hasn't made public appearance.

4:26 pm: Speaker of Egyptian Parliamnent says important announcement is imminent.

4:25 pm: Moustafa thinks ElBaradei would make ideal new leader of Egypt;

4:23 pm: Moustafa believes Mubarak may already have left Egypt.

4:22 pm: NPD building (symbol of Mubarak regime) has been burned out.

4:21 pm: Will be interesting to see how Qaddafi and Libya reacts to events in Egypt. Libya is wealthier than Egypt, but it doesnt have a well-developed political awareness among people.

4:20 pm: Kuwait Airlines denies reports that it has suspended flights to Egypt.

4:18 pm: Persian Gulf countries not likely to undergo unrest, they are too wealthy.

4:11 pm: US stock markets sold off on worries about Egypt.

4:09 pm: Egypt receives $1.5-billion in US aid every year, it is the third largest aid recipient behind Iraq and Israel.

4:07 pm: Tanks approaching important/sensitve locales in Cairo, including UK/US embassies.

4:06 pm: Reports that upper echelon Egyptian leaders have fled the country.

4:05 pm: Appears that army has joined with protesters to protetc national antiquity museum.

3:57 pm: Firefighters can't reach NPD building which burns out of control.

3:57 pm: This is the tipping point for Egypt.

3:54 pm: Tanks seem to keep pouring into Cairo streets, but thousands of protesters remain on streets.

3:53 pm: Eleven people have been killed in Suez.

3:51 pm: Dozens of police stations across Egypt have been torched.

3:50 pm: Army are conscripts, paid much less than state security and police, says Moustafa.

3:48 pm: Mubarak is a very arrogant man, says Moustafa. He says secret police have kept Mubarak in power for 30 years.

3:48 pm: Mubarak has totally lost credibility; he will not be in power tomororw, says London-based analyst.

3:47 pm: Egypt's militarty chief has cut short his visit to US, Reuters reports.

3:45 pm: Cars and vehicles clog Cairo streets, including on 6th of October bridge.

3:43 pm: Army is the key in the question of post-Mubarak succession.

3:42 pm: ElBaradei is a 68-yr old academic, he is not the type of man who can take over a country.

3:36 pm: Mubarak's whereabouts are unknown. His position has become completely untenable. The game is over for Mubarak; he appears to have no support.

3:34: Protesters have no clear leader, not even ElBaradei.

3:33: Egyptians clearly have lost fear of Mubarak regime.

3:31 pm: Several buildings in Suez still ablaze.

3:29 pm: This is the fourth day of protests in Egypt. Time is clearly running out for Mubarak.

3:27 pm: Interne access halted in Egypt.

3:26 pm: Egypt now overshadows Davos. Fears that unrest will now spread to Algeria next.

3:23 pm: Protesters cheer arrival of army on Cairo streets. Curfew has been imposed now for 4 hours, but has been widely ignored and not enforced.

3:21 pm: Ironically, when Mohammed Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran was exiled from Iran, he first went to Egypt. After moving from country to country, the Shah eventually died in Egypt and is buried there.

3:20 pm: Facebook made it easier for youthful Egyptians to communicate with each other and organize protests.

3:19 pm: US cant be seen to support Mubarak regime, says professor.

3:16 pm: Gibbs offered no endorsement of Mubarak whatsoever.

3:15 pm: Gibbs said WHite House is closely monitoring events in Egypt.

3:13 pm: Obama hasn't spoked with Mubarak, Gibbs said. He doesnt answer if Obama supports Mubarak.

3:12 pm: Gibbs said Obama convened meeting to discuss Egypt, heard from US ambassador Scobey in Egypt.

3:11 pm: White House spokesman./press secretary Robert Gibbs calls situation in Egypt fluid and dynamic

3:09 pm: Egypt's key tourist industy endangered.

3:08 pm: Egypt Air has suspended all flights into Egypt.

3:08 pm: No comments heard from Mubarak or any senior leaders yet.

3:06 pm: US State Dept. reportedly reviewing the aid package it gives to Egypt.

3:05 pm: Tear gas (made in USA) used on protesters.

3:01 pm: Confusion over if or when Mubarak will speak. Also doubts about what side the army will support.

2:59 pm: Crude oil prices in US surging more than 4% on Egypt unrest.

2:57 pm: This is the first uprising in Egypt without any leadership, much like Tunisia.

2:57 pm: US Senator John Kerry sayd Egypt needs to have free and open election in 2011.

2:54 pm: Senior Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, said unrest in Egypt, Tunisia and yemen are replay of 1979 Iranian Revolution which overthrew west-backed Shah and inserted Islamic republic

2:50 pm: Protesters form human shied around antiquity museum to prevent it from being looted.

2:49 pm: Obama or spokesman about to issue statement on Egypt. Hilary Clinton urges Mubarak govt to restore communication systems.

2:48 pm: US advises citizens to cancel non-essential travel to Egypt.

2:47 pm: Mubarak was head of Egypt's air force before appointed as Sadat's VP.

2:45 pm: Former US ambassador to Egypt Nicholas Veliotes said he uis surprised by chaos in Cairo, despite some legitimate grievances by the people on the street.

2:44 pm: More military convoys seen on Cairo streets. Both soldiers in tanks and protesters on streets waving Egyptian flags.

2:44 pm: Protesters protecting antiquity museum in Cairo after nearby bdlgs. were torched.

2:42 pm: Five people have reportedly been killed in Suez rioting.

2:41 pm: Fears that fires in Suez could spread to fuel station. Military arrives in Suez. Looting reported in Suez.

2:39 pm: Reporter claims women and children participared in Suez protest. Fires spreading in Suez.

2:36 pm: Vodafone stores attacked in Suez by protesters.

2:31 pm: Heavy gunfire reported in parts of Cairo -- its unclear who is battling whom.

2:29 pm: Egypt is nation of 80-million, but most are very poor.

2:27 pm: More armored personll vehicles enter Cairo streets.

2:26 pm: Doctors in Egypt earn less than a road sweeper in Gaza (Moustafa).

2:26 pm: Moustafa says Mubarak will likely have no option but to flee Egypt, like the former President of Tunisia. He claims Mubarak and family haver stolen hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of dollars.

2:25 pm: Wafik Moustafa of Conservative Arab Network calls this a major turning point for Egypt and Middle East. He claims Mubarak doesn't control army.

2:24 pm: Egypt has been police state for 60 years.

2:22 pm: Statement from minister of Israel's Netanyahu: we believe that Egypt is going to overcome the current wave of demonstrations, but we have to look to the future.

2:21: US govt/State Dept. probably putting pressure on Mubarak behind the scenes not to make situation even worse.

2:20 pm: Who will lead Egypt if Mubarak resigns? West would not like it if Islamist Muslim Brotherhood took over.

2:19 pm: US concerned not only by Egypt, but also Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen.

2:19 pm: Obama reportedly will make a statement on Egypt soon.

2:18 pm: Proetsters in Suez climbing on army tanks.

2:17 pm: Situation on ground remains chaotic.

2:15 pm: Security forces struggle to enforce curfew.

2:14 pm: No attempts to put out fire at NPD hq.

2:13: Military helicopters flying above Cairo. Protesters have taken ove roads and freeways.

2:12 pm: Five people have reportedly been killed in Cairo protests. NPD hq completelt ablaze.

2:10 pm: Protesters set fire to police cars in Cairo. Mubarak still has not appeared.

2:07 pm: Army is revered in Egypt. People appear to be loyal to the army and are against the police.

2:07 pm: Not one female protester has been sighted. Most protesters appear to be young men under 30 now.

2:05 pm: Militatry has arrived in Alexandria. Protesters welcome tanks and shook hands with soldiers.

1:57 pm: Analyst in Lebanon said Egypt is having a revolution and this will have huge impact on Middle East.

1:55 pm: Some protesters dancing on streets.

1:54 pm: Protesters have hijacked some security trucks.

1:54 pm: Dozen military tanks said to be heading towards NPD hq.

1:52 pm: Presidential convoy near state TV station.

1:51 pm: Black smoke pouring out of NPD building. Looters stealing items apparently without fear.

1:50 pm: Looters taking furniture, appliances from burning NPD hq bldg.

1:49 pm: Reports of looting by youths at NPD headquarters building.

1:49 pm: No riot police on streets of Suez. Armored vehicles reportedly heading toward Suez.

1:47 pm: Several buildings in Suez still on fire as protesters remain on streets.

1:46: An estimated 870 protesters have thus far been injured.

1:42 pm: Jason Brownlee of Woodrow Wilson Center says US govt cannot move too quickly on Egypt. Relations too delicate.

1:41 pm: Risk of fire spreading to museum of antiquities.

1:39 pm: Egyptian military protecting state TV station.

1:38 pm: Washington has to play delicate balancing act with its long-standing ally Egypt and Mubarak. Egypt is a bulwark against Iran in Middel East. Obama has so far taken no definite sides.

1:36 pm: No army seen in Sinai region (no deployment allowed there)

1:35: Mubarak's presidential unit supposedly heading towards state TV studio.

1:35 pm: Who will army protect? The people or the president?

1:34 pm: Political science professor say people of Egypt look to military as their savior.

1:32 pm: Political science professor says he is proud of Egyptian peoples' courage and bravery, but he worries what tomorrow will bring.

1:28 pm: More armored vehicles appear on Cairo streets. Gunfighting outside govt ministty buildings.

1:26 pm: Mubarak still has not appeard on TV. Some streets in Cairo appear to have quieted down.

1:24 pm: National Museum at risk of burning down.

1:23 pm: Obama says Egypt need political and economic reforms.

1:22 pm: Tunisia and Egypt both have high uneployment, high food prices, repressive state control, official corruption.

1:21 pm: Tunisian finance professor sees parallels between Tunisian unrest and Egypt. Egyptian delegation to Davos had pulled out just before forum began.

1:20 pm: William Hague of UK said protesters in Egypt have legitimate concerns. EU chief calls on Egypt to release all detained rioters and to respect rights of people.

1:19 pm: UN chief Ban Ki Moon appeals for calm in Egypt.

1:18: Davos leaders express opinions on Egypt. German defense minister is concerned about risk of infectious momentun.

1:17 pm: Foreign journalists have reportedly been beaten up and injured.

1:16 pm: Opposition ;eader ElBaradei was briefly detained.

1:13 US govt official said US supports Mubarak.

1:10 pm: Internation reaction to Egypt chaos coming in. Hilary Clinton said she is deeply concerned about violence used by security forces. Obama has received 40-page briefing on Egypt.

1:09 pm: Darkness falls on Egypt. Military appears to have supplanted police on streets.

1:08 pm: Trucks torched and police station overrun in port city of Suez.

1:08 pm: Soldiers shaking hands with protesters in Alexandria.

1:07 pm: Fears have subsided that soldiers would fire at protesters.

1:06: No police seen on streets of Alexandria. Fires out out in Alexandria.

1:05 pm: Confusion over protesters attitude towards state security officials and military.

1:04 pm: Protesters in Alexandria cheer appearance of army tanks.

1:03 pm: Mubarak has ruled Egypt for 30 years after assassination of Anwar Sadat.

1:02 pm: It is now 8 pm in Cairo, protests still going strong. Two have been killed and hundreds reportedly wounded.

1:01 pm: Protesters in Suez refuse military's order to disperse.

1:00 pm: Protesters appear to be from all age groups and from all classes.

12:59 pm: Protesters appear to be all men.

12:58 pm: Egypt army seized power in 1952 on coup.

12:58 pm: Kuwait airways has ceased flights to Egypt.

12:57 pm: Riots have been going on now at least six hours.

12:56: Egypt most pivotal country in MidEast for the US. If Egypt goes, chaos would ensue.

12:56 pm: We may be witnessing the beginning of a new era in Egypt.

12:55 pm: Destruction of national museum would be cultural catastrophe says analyst.

12:55 pm: Gunfire and explosions heard on Cairo streets. Mubarak has failed to control protesters.

12:55 pm: Size of protest unprecedented in Egypt, analyst says fear has been removed.

12:54 pm: Armoued vehicles appear on Cairo streets as more cars burn.

12:53 pm: Protesters taking pictures of riots on their cellphones.

12:51 pm: No firemen seen on streets of Cairo yet.

12:49 pm: Egyptian-American says company has changed dramatically overnight. He claims women and children have joined protests.

12:49 pm: Military firefighters have appeared on streets of Suez.

12:48 pm: Tens of thousands remain on streets of Cairo despite curfew.

12:47 pm: Mubarak has not appeared on state TV yet to address the country.

12:46 pm: No firefighters anywhere in sight as buildings burn.

12:46 pm: Unconfirmed reports of clashes between police and army members in Cairo,

12:45 pm: Not a single fire truck has appeared at any fires.

12:44 pm: Fires raging in some govt. buildings, including NPD headquarters.

12:43 pm: Explosions heard as protesters intensify demonstration.

12:39 pm: Loud round of applause from protesters when army appears.

12:38 pm: Curfew imposed all over Egypt.

12:38 pm: Protesters appear to be welcoming military forces on streets.

12:38 pm: It's unclear what role the army is to play in demonstrations.

12:37 pm: Al Jazeera broadcasts shut down in Egypt. Egyptian state TV is now showing the riots.

12:36 pm: Some protesters sees military officers as allies.

12:35 pm: NPD building continues to burn. Military deployed to help police.

12:35 p.m.: Mulsim Brotherhood members have been arrested. Curfew imposed in at least 3 cities in Egypt.

12:34: Protesters spreading across Cairo.

12:33 pm: Egypt security forces overwhelmed by protesters. Curfew is completely ignored and ineffetive.

12:32 pm: Police van destroyed and torched by protesters. Many other state-owned vehicles on fire in Cairo.

12:31 pm: Egypt's security forces overwhelmned by number of protesters.

12:30 pm: Building owned by ruling NDP party is on fire. Two protesters have been killed so far today.

12:29 pm: Protesters have stormed Egypt's Foreign Ministry bldg.