• Liverpool makes an unusual bid for Manchester United's target Cristian Romero
  • The Reds' pursuit of Romero makes little sense after the Konate acquisition
  • Romero is a potential world-class player but may not flourish in Liverpool

Liverpool is not done yet as far as taking in midfielders for next season.

Despite the acquisition of Ibrahima Konate, the Reds are reportedly putting funds together to snag Cristian Romero from Manchester United.

Initial reports claim that Manchester United had already dangled a £43 million ($59 million) offer for the Argentine center-back per journalist Rudy Galetti.

However, the Red Devils may not have a clear lock on Romero with Liverpool allegedly trying to pull one over them.

Complicating matters is the fact that it appears Atalanta is willing to talk business with the team that makes the better offer.

It was not mentioned how much Liverpool would pitch although it would be higher than the £43 million ($59 million) from Manchester United.

Equally appalling is the fact why the Reds would suddenly go after another midfielder.

They already acquired Konate from RB Leipzig for £35 million ($48 million). Hence, adding another one is a bit surprising, BBC reported.

Worth considering is that Liverpool has several players who are expected to be fit and ready for the Reds this coming season. That list includes Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez and Joel Matip.

Although he is a top defender, adding Romero to the mix just doesn’t add up. That is unless someone from the three players either leaves or gets loaned out.

But looking at how the team is right now, such a possibility is a bit remote.

Argentina's Cristian Romero
Argentina's Cristian Romero Getty Images | Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP

Then again, there is another way of looking at it. Romero could be an addition meant for the future.

He is only 23 and is coming off a good Serie A season. Plus, Romero has the makings of a potential world-class player.

Manchester United acknowledges what Romero can bring to the table. The Red Devils are looking for center-backs to add to the mix.

Romero is seen as a potential upgrade to Victor Lindelof, who is ironically making a good account of himself for Sweden at the Euro 2020.