Abdelbaset Ali al - Megrahi, who was convicted over the December 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103, is harking on death's door. The Libyan citizen jailed for 270 counts of murder for the bombing of Lockerbie is currently under the care of his family members at his Tripoli home in Libya.

After his release from Scottish prison on health grounds in August 2009, there has been widespread criticism and debate, about his being returned to prison. He was freed on account of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, and was given three months to live.

However, CNN International Correspondent, Nic Robertson described his condition two years ago, as a shell of a man, than he originally was. Megrahi is currently being kept alive with oxygen and intravenous drips, with looters occasionally attacking all his medicine, according to relatives at his villa.

The bombing drew widespread international outrage against one of Muammar Gadhafi's acts and has made Megrahi solely responsible for the death of 270 victims; sparking serious debate, to the extent of his being extradited in his current condition - a view supported by former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton.

His death may put a blanket on the list of people associated with the bombing other than Megrahi, leaving the National Transition Council (NTC) with no room for further investigation.

Several victims' families demand clarity through overwhelming questions as hopes arose as early as 1984 in London over Yvonne Fletcher's death and an identified suspect. It was, however, put at rest after Libyan authorities refused to hand over any more citizens to the West for trial.

Despite NTC's pledge to co - operate fully with extradition, such an outcome may not materialize, nor will it be reckoned in the near future due to its uncertainty, say critics.