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A seven-foot female cager from India has gone viral although she will need lots of work to succeed in basketball. Risto3/Pixabay


  • A seven-foot female basketball player has drawn attention on social media
  • Poonam Chaturvedi previously played for the Indian national team
  • Cahturverdi somehow brought up Victor Wembanyama, the top prospect in the 2023 NBA Draft

Height is something that cannot be taught if basketball coaches are concerned as standing seven feet is a rarity.

For some reason, a seven-foot woman from India has gone viral. It turns out that the subject matter is Poonam Chaturvedi, someone who once represented India at the FIBA Women's Asia Cup in 2017 but failed to make the roster in the latest iteration.

It is worth noting that seeing seven-footers in the WNBA is a rarity. but there is only one female cager who stood at least 7 feet in the league in the person of the late Margo Dydek, who played for several teams from 1998 to 2008.

The Polish player died on May 27, 2011, after collapsing at her home in Brisbane due to cardiac arrest before she was placed in a medically induced coma earlier that month.

Dydek never regained consciousness after that.

As for Chaturvedi, someone who is as tall as Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers, she is someone who will need a lot of work if she is to take basketball seriously.

In one of the comments, a random viewer of the video post commented how the 26-year-old was barely mobile and pointed out how her body was not holding up long.

Another fan was also disappointed at Chaturvedi, particularly when she went for a layup instead of a dunk.

The fan felt that with her height, she could dunk the ball easily.

Moreover, there was another viewer who could not help but bring Victor Wembanyama into the picture.

"What in the Victor Webanyama! Unfortunately, she probably doesn't have 1/1000 of the care and training he has. I wish her good general health outside of sports," the comment read.

Wembanyama is one of the potential future stars headed to the NBA, perceived to be the likely top selection in the 2023 NBA Draft.

The 7-foot-3 cager is someone who has shown tremendous basketball skills, a player that multiple NBA teams are eyeing.

"I mean, unbelievable. You always think you've seen it all during your life and your career and history of the league, and then somebody else comes along. Kevin Durant comes along, a 7-foot-2 two-guard. Now we have a 7-foot-4 two-guard... This kid is unbelievable," retired NBA player Dirk Nowitzki said in a report by the Associated Press.

Poonam Chaturvedi has gone viral, bringing up the name of Victor Wembanyama who is a top prospect in the 2023 NBA Draft. Pixabay