The killing of former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has sparked some outrage around the world due to the extra-judicial nature of the execution.

While questions and mystery remains over exactly where and how the former tyrant was killed (and who fired the fatal shots), a highly controversial American figure has added his voice to chorus calling for a probe of Gadhafi’s demise.

Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Minister Louis Farrakhan condemned the killing and warned that the US and other western nations will likely face consequences for their support of Libyan rebels who toppled Gadhafi.

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, Farrakahn told a local radio station: I know something of the good of Moammar Gadhafi that made me to love him as a brother and to feel a great sense of loss at his assassination.

He also said: Gadhafi died in honor, fighting for the Libya that he believed in.

Farrakhan and Gadahfi were friends for at least 30 years. In 1972, the Minister purchased the building housing the headquarters for NOI in Chicago with the help of a $3 million loan from the Libyan leader.

Farrakhan visited with Gadhafi in Tripoli in 1997 as part of a friendship tour of Muslim countries. in the Middle East and Africa. In 1998, Gaddafi spoke to NOI members via satellite, and praised Farrakhan for being a courageous freedom fighter.

In praising Gadhafi, Farrakhan told the radio station: We were in Libya. We saw Libya being built from the ground up. We witnessed what this man did for the Libyan people.

Acknowledging that Gadhafi killed his own people Farrakhan nonetheless insisted that virtually all heads of state have been responsible for the deaths of others.

Did he kill people? Well, hell, did our president kill people? Talk back to me! Farrakhan said. You have made your president an assassin, that the only value that he has now is that he was responsible for the death of [al-Qaeda leader] Osama bin Laden. He was captured without a weapon. He should have been brought to America, put on trial for the American people to see this man. But he was executed so you will never know the real truth.

Farrakhan further fumed: Now, Moammar Gadhafi and his sons lie dead, Farrakhan said. Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his sons lie dead. Well, what about your [American] sons? They're dying in Iraq on the basis of a lie. They're dying in Afghanistan on the basis of a lie. And now [U.S. military] drones are in Pakistan, drones in Somalia, drones in Yemen. When will it stop? America, do you think that you can get away with this?

Farrakhan also said he didn’t think that the new governments in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia (the centers of the Arab Spring) would become pro-US in their foreign policy.