Name calling continued as President Donald Trump reportedly made plans in preparation of a North Korean air strike.

As North Korea added finishing touches to nuclear weapons, the president planned to bring back B-52 Bombers back to the U.S. Air Force runway – a defense mechanism not seen since the end of the Cold War in 1991. 

"It is true that North Korea is quickly approaching the completion of its nuclear armament," South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said in an interview with Yonhap News Agency in Brussels Saturday.

North Korean officials called Trump a "lunatic" in a Korean News Central Agency report, following the U.S. 24/7 alert-status plan. 

"Lunatic Trump is running headlong into ruin, taking America with him, and the poor puppet forces (a reference to South Korea and other U.S. allies) are following him, at the peril of their lives," the report read. "No wonder, such hooligan as thoughtless Trump is going on the rampage after becoming the owner of White House, rendering the world restless."

Though the B-52s are not currently on alert, the decision is still up to the U.S. Air Force.

"This is yet one more step in ensuring that we’re prepared," said Air Force chief of staff, Gen. David Goldfein, in a Defense One report. "I look at it more as not planning for any specific event, but more for the reality of the global situation we find ourselves in and how we ensure we’re prepared going forward."

Gen. Goldfein added. 

“The world is a dangerous place and we’ve got folks that are talking openly about the use of nuclear weapons,” Gen. Goldfein said. “It’s no longer a bipolar world where it’s just us and the Soviet Union. We’ve got other players out there who have nuclear capability. It’s never been more important to make sure that we get this mission right.”

B-52s were first introduced in the 1950s, and remain the most combat capable bomber in the U.S. inventory. These nuclear aircrafts are capable of "doomsday missions," and seem to fit Trump's recent claims of "fire and fury."