Delta Airlines is unveiling a sweet luxury upgrade on its flights. The airline announced Tuesday it will be carrying service ware designed by leading Italian design company, Alessi.

Alessi will be responsible for designing service ware and table pieces for Delta’s premium cabins — specifically for its First Class, Delta Premium Select and Delta One customers — and the pieces will debut across the company’s flights April 1.

“The Alessi for Delta collection is part of our continued investment in delivering a world class, global culinary experience that will elevate our customer in-flight dining experience,” Senior Vice President of In-Flight Service Allison Ausband said in a statement.

The collection will feature tableware one might expect at a fine restaurant — crystal glasses, flatware and bone china. Even napkins will be wrapped in rings, and salt and pepper shakers will appear on trays with customers’ meals. The collection features 86 pieces.

With nearly 100 years of dining and home goods design experience, Alessi employs 300 designers. The Alessi for Delta service ware collection was inspired by popular designs from six Alessi designers. The Delta partnership is the first major airline collaboration in which the Italian company has participated.

Delta put forth billions of dollars to enhance its customer experience alone, using the money to update its seats, enhance its airport facilities, its entertainment and WiFi offerings and provide its complimentary meals offered in its premium cabins, among other changes. The airline company also plans to add about 250 planes in coming years.

Delta Airlines’ customer service upgrades follow a $90,000 fine for failing to offer customers snacks during long delays on four of its flights in New York and Atlanta last summer, USA Today reported.