An Indian man bitten by a cobra took the live snake with him to the hospital for treatment. In this photo, a son of a snake charmer holds a cobra snake in Kapari village in India's Uttar Pradesh state on July 14, 2017. Getty Images/Sanjay Kanojia

A man bitten by a Cobra in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh carried the snake to a hospital to receive treatment. The action stirred panic among those present at the Kannauj district hospital when they saw the man walking in the live reptile.

According to local reports, the man -- a farmer identified as Ram Kumar, 51 -- was bitten by the snake when he was asleep in a temple close to a field. Kumar was intially shocked but he gathered strength and trapped the snake after it bit him. He then rushed to the hospital to get himself treated.

Some villagers who were previously bitten by a snake were enquired by the doctors about the shape and size of the reptile that attacked them, "so I thought of trapping the snake and carried it along with me,” Kumar said when asked why he had bought the cobra with him.

Kumar was provided with treatment at the hospital and his condition is stabilised. He is expected to be discharged Friday, local media Times Now reported.

Several encounters between humans and cobra's occur in India, sometimes these attacks turn fatal. India also has an abundance of snake charmers and despite their knowledge of handling of these snakes, there have been several tragedies.

In November 2018, a man died of snake bite after he wrapped a cobra around his neck and tried to scare away the bystanders in Andhra Pradesh, India. The incident was caught on camera and the video went viral on Facebook. In the video, a drunk snake charmer is seen taking out the cobra from his basket and handing it to a 24-year-old. The snake charmer then encourages him to wrap the snake around his neck, assuring him that he has an antidote for snake bites. When the man told his friend to take a picture with the snake coiled around his neck, the reptile bit him and he collapsed. The man was rushed to a local hospital and later shifted to another where he was declared brought dead.