A Texas man was shocked after finding dozens of rattlesnakes living under his shed. Pictured: Jason Stone holds a timber rattlesnake during a Pentecostal serpent handlers service at the House of the Lord Jesus church in Squire, West Virginia on May 27, 2018. Getty Images/Andrew Caballero Reynolds

A Texas man "freaked out" after discovering that he was housing over 30 rattlesnakes in a shed in his ranch.

Earlier this month, Bobby Cowan and two of his pals converged in Cowan's Gorman property to work on a windmill, according to San Antonio Express-News. While there, they saw a rattlesnake slithering under an old hunting shed that hasn't been used in a while. Cowan and his friends then tried to find the rattlesnake's whereabouts using a machine to lift the shed.

Cowan said that they discovered there were so many more rattlesnakes than just the one they expected to see and, in their shock, slammed the shed back down. As shown in the now viral video of the discovery, dozens of snakes were actually living under the building. Check out the spine-tingling clip below:

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Cowan said he was "definitely freaked out" and "very, very surprised" after finding more than 30 rattlesnakes hiding under the abandoned shed.

Matt Stanley, one of Cowan's pals who was with him at the time, took the shocking video of the rattlesnakes after the three decided to lift the shed once more.

"We knew we weren't in that much danger if we didn't get too close, and so then we were able to look at them," Cowan told the outlet.

But Cowan added that it was still shocking to see over 30 of the slithering creatures at a time as he has only seen a "handful" of snakes in over a decade at his ranch in Gorman. He said he had counted 36 rattlesnakes, but estimated the real number to be at least 50.

The trio then removed the snakes using long sticks and put them in trash cans, before relocating them to another part of the property, away from the livestock.

After relocating the snakes and cleaning up the shed following the infestation, Cowan uploaded the video of his shocking discovery on Facebook. As of writing, the clip has been viewed over 3.2 million times and shared by 55,000 people.