Suspects stabbed a man in Delhi, India. Onlookers watched and recorded footage, while he bled to death. A man is pictured in a neighborhood in New Delhi on Oct. 24, 2014. Getty

A man pleaded for help after reportedly being stabbed by four people in India Tuesday. He bled to death, while bystanders recorded the incident with their cellphones. The incident allegedly stemmed from an argument between the victim and the suspects.

The victim, 25-year-old Akbar Ali, was allegedly stabbed after a confrontation with at least two men. He died from his injuries Wednesday in Delhi.

Ali had been stabbed in the ribs with two knives. He bled profusely on the side of the road. He removed one of the knives but couldn’t dislodge the second one.

He pleaded onlookers to provide him with water, but they watched and recorded him instead, the Indian Express reported Thursday.

"He kept fighting till his last breath," Najare Imam, the victim’s brother, told the Indian Express. "He pulled out one knife from his rib, but could not take the other one out. He begged for help and they (the crowd) chose to make videos of my brother."

In the video, onlookers can be heard asking Ali for his address, he can be heard yelling his address, while he asked for water, according to Indian Express.

Yet, the bystanders continued recording Ali, even as he bled and begged for water. A bystander, Vijay Kumar told the Indian Express that by the time police were notified, the victim had already been transported to a local hospital.

The suspects claimed that Ali was a criminal and that the knives belonged to him, according to police reports. The suspects stabbed Ali in self-defense after a scuffle broke out. Police arrested the two suspects involved in the incident.

"Mohd Shubhan, a welder, and Mohd Afzal, a painter, were arrested from the neighborhood after the murder," police told Indian Express. "They have claimed that Ali was trying to extort them. When a scuffle broke out between them, after they refused to pay him, the two accused stabbed him with his own knives in a bid to fight back, they claimed."

However, police haven’t uncovered criminal background of any kind in Ali’s records, or the two men that were apprehended. Iman alleged that four men threw chili powder at Ali and subsequently attacked him.

"I was running an errand when I got to know about the stabbing," Iman told Indian Express.

He claimed that Ali had saved a woman from the same suspects that stabbed him with the knives. Iman claimed that the suspects knew Ali and they sought revenge for an alleged affair Ali had with the suspect’s wife.

"He was stabbed in full public view and was saved by a woman who was taking her child to school," Iman claimed. "She was also attacked with knives. Police are saying that he was a criminal, but that is not true. There is no criminal case against him and he was attacked for having an affair with the wife of one of the accused a few years ago. They kept pestering him for that."