A YouTuber recently rubbed chili on his girlfriend’s tampon and filmed her screaming in agony in order to get more likes. He did this as part of a new social media trend called “cloutlighting” where men perform extreme pranks on their other halves, then shoot their reactions and upload it on the internet.

In the video, Brad Holmes shows a red chili before rubbing its seeds on his partner, Jenny’s tampon. He then records himself laughing while his girlfriend screams in agony and pain desperately trying to splash water.

The video went viral but was removed from the site after people complained that it was too abusive.

"Placing something in the vagina that you didn't give permission for is abuse, and a woman on the receiving end of that would be in their right to question their safety within the relationship,” said Ammanda Major of the charity Relate, Sun reported.

According to “cloutlighting” rules, the more extreme the videos are, the more views and likes you get. Though most people who post videos say they perform pranks with their partner’s consent, experts say these videos could indicate that their relationship is abusive.

Another video showed a woman crying after her boyfriend ate her food in spite of her telling him not to do so. The video then showed the woman speaking to her mother and telling her about her bad day.

“I’m not crying about the rib. I’m crying because you aggravate me,” the woman says in the video. However, instead of consoling her, her partner mocks her reaction.

In another video that got over 35 million views on YouTube, a man used a cardboard cat to prank his girlfriend in order to make her believe that her pet cat had passed away. He then filmed her crying uncontrollably and running around the house sobbing.

Slaiman, another YouTube influencer, has also managed to play several such pranks on his girlfriend, Katie. In one video, he calls her “ugly” while they sitting in a car. He then films her crying while she pleads him to stop. Another video, posted by Slaiman, shows him telling Katie his parents dislike her and that he was having an affair behind her back.

“Often these videos showing shame, distress, pain and sadness will be on the internet forever - and this only happens because the person uploading it didn't care about the repercussions it would have on their partner," Ammanda said.

"People who film them might believe they are being entertaining, however what they are actually doing is displaying their partner's vulnerability in a critical, 'jokey' way for potentially millions of people to see. It's filming people when they are at their lowest, and if you're with somebody who does that sort of thing you have to ask yourself very serious questions if you want to stay in the relationship,” she added.