A man from Tiffin, Ohio, received Chipotle-inspired superhero gear after dining at the chain restaurant for 426 consecutive days. The customer's record-setting venture beat the previous record set for such a task by a single day.

Bruce Wayne has now trecked to his local Chipotle in Tiffin for 428 days in counting to order at least one entrée from the restaurant's menu. Wayne documented his daily trips on Instagram, with each photo depicting his meal and the receipt of purchase.

"Day after day we're committed to serving our customers the most delicious, real ingredients we can find and it’s great to see a customer like Bruce is as committed to us as we are to him," Chris Arnold, communications director at Chipotle, said in a statement Saturday. "While this might not be everybody’s New Year's Resolution for 2018, it certainly shows that our menu of real and fresh ingredients offers something for everyone — even superheroes."

Wayne began his mission Oct. 30, 2016, after discovering that a Chipotle branch was opening in Tiffin. He then researched Chipotle and learned of another customer who managed to eat Chipotle for 425 days while keeping up with his fitness goals.

After breaking the record Saturday, Chipotle recognized Wayne's achievement by gifting him a customized superhero cape and cufflinks inspired by the restaurant. The costume combined the customer's love of burritos and Batman.

"My heart is SO full from today's events! @chipotlemexicangrill, thank you for #FoodWithIntegrity," Wayne wrote Saturday on Instagram. "Everyone at the Tiffin store is a class act, they made this day something to cherish for a long time!!! #ChipotleLife#BruceWayneIsTheChipotleAmbassador."

Chipotle confirmed it will reinvest the money Wayne spent at his local establishment in the past year in a donation designated to a nonprofit organization of his choice.

This good news piggybacks off of an assortment of negative press that has surfaced from Chipotle as of late, however. The chain restaurant has suffered public scrutiny after a series of scandals arose from the company, with its multistate E. coli outbreak in 2015 being its most controversial issue to date.

Steve Ells is the founder, CEO and a chairman of Chipotle. The company, however, reportedly began searching to hire a new CEO in November 2017. Ells will step down from his CEO post to become an executive chairman once the new hire begins the role.

"I am incredibly proud of Chipotle and our people — and grateful to our loyal customers — and while we are continuing to make progress, it is clear that we need to move faster to make improvements," Ells said in a statement. "Simply put, we need to execute better to ensure our future success."