White House
White House appears to be at odds with its own government over Cispa Creative Common

A homeless man was the cause of a heightened security alert in Washington D.C., Wednesday after jumping the White House fence, though he was immediately apprehended by gun-pointing Secret Service agents.

James Dirk Crudup, 41, scaled the security fencing at the White House carrying a backpack, which promptly sparked bomb fears. After being apprehended, Secret Service sniffer dogs were used to check the contents. No weapons were found.

The incident happened to be caught on film by CNN camera crews who were reporting in front of the White House on a separate news issue.

Crudup has been charged with unlawful entry and contempt of court for violating a stay-away order from the White House, according to a local news radio station, WTOP. He has reportedly been warned to steer clear of the White House before; it is unclear when the last incident occurred.

The president was believed to be in the White House at the time of the trespassing.

Officials have not said why the man jumped the fence.