A man killed his two-year-old daughter after a disagreement with his wife over her social media obsession in Kenya , Africa on Friday.

Mwangi, 23, quarreled with his wife over her excessive use of social media, last Wednesday. The following night, their landlady heard the lady scream and rushed to the house to know what had happened.

“We got there and I held the man’s hand, pulled him out so I could ask him what was happening. He told me the woman has been on phone the whole of Wednesday night and Thursday, even in the night,” Leah Wanjiru, the landlady, told the Star.

He then told Wanjiru that she got agitated and started screaming after he confronted her.

While Mwangi spoke to the landlady, his wife hit him with a stone on the forehead, causing him to bleed.

“After first aid, I advised him to record a statement with the police,” she said.

Wanjiru also advised them to stay separately for a few days.

The next morning, Mwangi informed the landlady that his wife had left home.

“The lady told her husband (Mwangi) that her brother-in-law wanted to rent her a better house somewhere else. She did not disclose where,” Wanjiru said.

On Friday afternoon, the man messaged his wife asking her to get back home if she wanted to see their dead child. On reaching home, the woman found the lifeless body of their daughter lying in one of the rooms. The girl’s private part was swollen and a leso (piece of cloth) was tied to the neck. The woman then filed a police complaint.

Mwangi is on the run and police are investigating the incident.

In a similar incident in November 2018, a man slit his 6-month-old daughter's neck after a fight with his wife in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The man accused his wife of having an extra-marital affair which resulted in an argument between them. The man told police he had overheard neighbors speaking about his wife’s affair with a man in the neighborhood. He also had a doubt if he was the father of the baby. When he confronted his wife about it, she did not answer. In a fit of rage, he slit his daughter's neck and cut her fingers, severely injuring her. He also attacked his wife, who suffered minor cuts on her arm. The man was arrested and the girl was treated at a local hospital.