The Dream Final is just days away.

Perhaps the two best leagues in the world are sending their two best champions to meet in what might be the world's best sports venue as Barcelona meet Manchester United at Wembley Stadium for the Champions League title.

Both clubs boast world-class talent, and both are coming off excellent campaigns in all of their league campaigns.

Adding to the excitement surrounding this match is the fact that the two teams played in 2009, with Barcelona beating Manchester United 2-0 in Rome. 

Barcelona will have seven starters return from the 2009 Final, while Manchester United can field as many as 10, as manager Sir Alex Ferguson is only missing one starter, Cristiano Ronaldo, from his current roster.

The Red Devils desperately want to take home a second title this year and have revenge on their minds from 2009. On the other hand, Barcelona has had such a great season that they probably still have bitter feelings that they let the Copa del Rey slip away from them to rival Real Madrid.

Unless the Champions League Final ends controversially, and controversies have a way of following UEFA, whichever club pulls off the victory on Saturday will be worthy of the expected outpouring of praise.

Both teams come into the match in good health, and confident.

Which team has the edge?

On paper, Barcelona has the better team.

However, if titles were determined by talent Brazil would have about 10 World Cup trophies and not five.

In the case of Saturday's Final, what gives the Barcelona the slight edge is their style of play. The Catalans are arguably the best passing team in the world, as they are able to maintain possession for long stretches of time.

Barcelona have a system that is dizzying to opponents. They rarely turn the ball over, their passing patterns are extremely sophisticated, and they have a forward who is better at creating his own shot on goal than any player in the world.

Lionel Messi is extremely skilled at keeping the ball close to him, and weaving to spots on the field to find angles to shoot. Sometimes the best defense is to foul him, because he almost gives you no other choice.

And Messi has a pair of forwards who he is capable of setting up for goals. Should the Manchester United defense focus too much on Messi, David Villa and Pedro have the talent to make the Red Devils regret it.

The Barcelona forwards are certainly efficient, but they would have a lot less goals if they didn't have midfielders with such great field vision.

The one midfielder that stands out is Andres Iniesta. The 27-year-old Spanish star is capable of playing anywhere, and is both defensive-minded and an attacking player.  His versatility, and ability to play with teammate Xavi, makes him perhaps the most important midfielder in the world.

As important as Iniesta is, Xavi is also a player that Manchester United has to be very concerned about. The central midfielder is excellent at creating plays to set up forwards. He rarely makes mistakes, and fits perfectly in the Barcelona system.

Hard-nosed Michael Carrick and versatile Ji-Sung Park will have the vital role of containing Iniesta and Xavi.

Like Iniesta, Park has the ability to attack, even while marking opponents' top playmakers. The speedy South Korean midfielder might be the most important player in the Final since his role in helping to contain Barcelona's effective passing strategy, while also playing a key part in setting up Manchester United's forwards, falls mainly on his shoulders.

Winger Ryan Giggs probably won't play the entire match, but the veteran attacker is needed to set up two excellent forwards: Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez.

After playing somewhat lackadaisical in the later part of 2010, Rooney turned up his game several notches in 2011, and has proven his worth to Manchester United.

A fierce competitor, Rooney is capable of creating scoring opportunities when they don't seem to exist.  He has partnered well with Hernandez, who has shown tremendous growth in the last six months.

Hernandez has been compared to former Manchester United forward Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but Hernandez may have surpassed the Norwegian star in that Hernandez isn't just a spark off the bench, but rather a 90-minute striker.

Both midfields will have their work cut out for them. Iniesta and Park will each need to have their heads on both offense and defense.

Barcelona's passing attack has gotten them this far, but in the winner-take-all Copa del Rey Final, Real Madrid proved that Barcelona can be beat.

Manchester United seems to play a more efficient version of Real Madrid's style, so Barcelona can't afford to make mistakes, or the Red Devils will pounce on them.

Barcelona has so many attacking weapons that Carrick will need to play with more focus than he ever has. The defensive midfielder went all 90 minutes in the 2009 Final, and he will likely have to do that again.

The winner on Saturday will probably be the more focused club, and the one that catches a lucky break or two.