• Marcus Rashford looks back at the time Manchester United was under Jose Mourinho's tutelage
  • Rashford concedes to the fact that Mourinho made him a better player and person
  • The Red Devils striker is confident they can win the title this season

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford admitted Jose Mourinho played a huge role in his development.

Rashford has become one of the best players of his generation. He was honed by Manchester United, having been with the club since boyhood.

However, it was former Red Devils boss Mourinho who transformed Rashford from a youngster into a much better player and person.

According to the decorated striker, he had a better understanding of the sport through Mourinho. He also learned to “win in different ways” during the Portuguese coach’s two-and-a-half years rein as Manchester United manager.

“There are loads of different aspects - but my time under Jose [Mourinho] was a massive learning period for me and I feel like I understood football in a different way to what I understood football before that,” Rashford recently told Sky Sports. "I learned to win in different ways.”

"It was a tough time in my career, but they’re the moments that either make you or break you,” he continued. "His style of coaching might not have been perfect for me--but it definitely made me improve as a player and as a person as well.”

Before making his Manchester United first-team debut in 2016, Rashford spent four years at the club’s youth level. At the time, he committed his game to scoring goals, but Mourinho enlightened him about the true essence of winning.

"Coming through the academy, it was always about playing as well as you could play and expressing yourself and go and score as many goals as you can,” the striker recalled. "If you can win 6-4, then go out and win 6-4, but under Jose, we learned that 1-0 is the same as 6-4."

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At present, the Red Devils are under the tutelage of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The club hasn’t won a title since 2013, and the Norwegian mentor insisted that his side shouldn’t be viewed as title contenders this season.

However, the reinvented Rashford is confident that they still have a chance to bring home the silverware.

"It's been up and down, but we have shown that we improved without a doubt,” the 23-year-old pointed out.

"There have been a few games where we haven't shown the true resemblance of how far we have come,” he added. “That is something we still have to work on, becoming more consistent. If we do that, we will go on to do big things."