• Rennes has yet to extend Eduardo Camavinga's contract, a report says
  • Manchester United may become favorite to sign Camavinga but no offer has been made yet
  • Paul Pogba thinks the teenager is "a bit" like him

Manchester United may have just increased its chances of landing a sought-after soccer prodigy who is inspired by Paul Pogba.

The future of Rennes’ rising star Eduardo Camavinga has become one of the most followed transfer stories this summer. The teenager only has one year left on his current deal with the Ligue 1 side, and a host of big-name clubs are keeping tabs on his situation.

Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United are among Camavinga’s top suitors, but to this day, nothing has progressed between all parties. However, a new narrative is looming as the midfielder’s days with Rennes is believed to be numbered after talks of a contract renewal have “come to a standstill,” French outlet Le Parisien reported.

Between PSG and Manchester United, it is the latter that appears to be gaining confidence in signing Camavinga.

An earlier report has already linked Red Devils to a transfer swoop for Camavinga. It was then followed by his agent Jonathan Barnett’s hint that his client “can play next year in the Premier League.”

Aside from the English Premier League, Barnett also previously name-dropped La Liga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid as possible options for the 18-year-old in the future.

“Let’s see what happens later on, but he’s doing well in Rennes and that’s fine,” Barnett said of Camavinga’s possible transfer in February. “Being the best midfielder in the world, that’s how I see his future, [with] a lot of medals and a lot of trophies."

"[Real Madrid is] a great club, a great club to play for," he added. "Eduardo [Camavinga] will have a choice of a lot of clubs if Rennes decides to release him. They will be one of the four of five clubs in the world he might go to. Eduardo would love to play for a top club. [Real] Madrid are one of those top clubs in the world, so are Barcelona."

Camavinga is a crafty midfielder who has been channeling Pogba’s game. Interestingly, the Manchester United star himself once acknowledged his similarities with the youngster.

“I was truly happy for [Camavinga],” Pogba said last year. “I only wish him the best and much more. He has everything for that. His future is in his hands.”

“He is very at ease, he is a little dancer,” he added. “He makes me think a bit about me. He is not a timid person. It is good, because he is confident. He has confidence in his qualities. He is a very good youngster, I like him enormously.”

Eduardo Camavinga of Rennes is arguably the most exciting young talent in world football just now Eduardo Camavinga of Rennes is arguably the most exciting young talent in world football just now Photo: AFP / DAMIEN MEYER